Anyone else having trouble with remote Eve Mail?

So I use CCP’s android app for the odd thing. Mostly to check my wallet balance and for checking my mail. For the last three or so days, every time I try and log in, I get a “Connection Error” message. I figured it would sort itself out, but after three days I’m now starting to doubt that. Is anyone else having any similar issues?

Possibly related, I also just tried logging into “Eve Gate” so I could check my mail through there and got a connection error. Something about not being connected or firewall settings.

Anyone know what the heck is going on? Is it just me, or is there a larger problem at play here?

Does that ■■■■ regularly, try EVENova or something thats pretty stable

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any solution to this problem in the thread you linked. Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s having troubles though. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

If anyone has a solution for me, please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like you didn’t read well that topic. Bugs are from recent changes to login system (new board) and game changes. There is no fix until CCP update eve gate.

I hope you realize the irony in suggesting that someone has not read something well, while using Yoda style English to do so. Your sentence structure could use some work. That aside…

Uhhhh… I gotta ask, did you read the thread you posted? Outside of players like yourself speculating what the problem(s) is/are, no one from CCP had any information to provide and no one provided any links to any useful information. If you’re trying to be helpful, can you please provide an excerpt of whatever you’re referencing to support your claim that this problem has resulted from recent changes to the login system and/or cannot be fixed until CCP update eve gate.

"The only functionality we don’t have with the new forums is the ability to switch characters on a single EVE Online account on the fly. You’ll need to log out, then back in and select a different character to switch.

For some people who use all three character slots, this might be a little bit awkward, for most it just means that the risk of accidentally outing your alt-spy during a forum posting frenzy is less likely.

We may look at changing this in future, but at this stage it’s not on a roadmap to be considered."

As you can see, login system was changed. Also, if you don’t like my style of writing (since english is not my native it is not perfect), ignore my posts and don’t start personal flame.

Ps. If CCP don’t confirm that they screwed something, doesn’t mean it’s not working because they did something. You have more than my word in this.

No flame, but clearly the irony did escape you. Too bad, it’s funny :rofl:

Only for you :wink:

If I may be more constructive rather than throwing ad-hominid attacks.

I read that article and it relates to the forums, the OP asked the official android app. While the forums article referenced using a different login system; that system is the SSO which the app has already been using for quite some time now.

I am curious as to what’s up with the app as I have had the same issue the OP mentioned for a few days also.

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I’m using the iOS version of the app and can’t open EVE-Mails for quite some time (let it be a month or more) now.

I get the list of mails my character received but when I try to open one I get this:

Thing is, the notifications about skills being completed are displayed, but when I open the App: Connection Error. :slightly_frowning_face:


On Google market app wasn’t update from months so this is something server side. Or simple need to use SSO. As @Nora_Maldoran said, some data (notifications) are coming thru.

Anyway, don’t want to start again guessing game because this doesn’t help anyone. Just want to say that login to EVE account is more complex than normal. There is much more servers and data to collect. But without word from CCP we can’t do much.

I’m using also iOS and i cant even log in to the forums, the “choose character” screen is not working at all , no error msg no nothing - everything else seems to work.