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I know this is slightly off-topic but my eyes go funny trying to navigate the forum sections list.

Where can i check my evemail these days?

The Eve app says connection error on Android.

I havent played the game properly in a few years and eve-gate no longer works.

And just to add, this new forum looks horrible, why’s it all so grey?

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Thanks, that’s great.

3rd party app? Can’t say I’m suprised

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Since EVEgate was closed down CCP haven’t deployed a substitute so only third party solutions exists right now for out of game EVEmail.

I only use this one so no idea what the others are but this works flawlessly for me and is a lightweight one though I only really read mails with it and always reply to mails in-game (for one reason due to the color coding and linking in-game stuff and so on) so not sure if the others are better or different or even exist but I recall seeing other third party solutions being posted as well but didn’t take notes so can’t link them.

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Mine actually does color coding :smiley:
The links don’t work though, no.

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I meant I like the in-game interface better for color coding and linking stuff.

Edit: To better explain the in-game editor is a WYSIWYG editor and the mail will look exactly the same at the receiver’s end as I write it, while the web version does not due to the different font and whatnot.

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The EVE in client one?

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