Eve Gate replacement?

Before the old forums were changed over to this new format (I’m not sure if that is directly related to the change) there was a thing called Eve Gate where you could view in-game character bios and the like. That appears to have been taken down. I am curious if there is anything similar currently that replicates that feature and if not is something planned? Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you.

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Come on now, haven’t you learned? Improvements and updates ALWAYS come with less functionality.

It’s been that way for years more than a decade.

The only thing it was really useful for was eve-mail and you can use ESI to access those, there are, iirc, some eve-mail sites out there

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From the same ppl who did create ZKillboard


I use Spacemail.

There’s also

:slight_smile: (just a little shameless self promotion)

Some of the others may be more featured, but I do know that mine stores nothing (I’m not saying the others do. I just know mine doesn’t. as I wrote it)


I too offer such a service over at www.ipromisetonotreadyourevemail.com (not actually a service, it’s just a joke OK ISD?).

Trust the cloud
The cloud is your friend

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Seems like everyone only used EVE Gate for mail. I used it mainly to be able to view people’s in-game bios without logging in. Maybe I’m just weird, but sometimes the contents of those could be beneficial to see.

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The answer is no if you’re looking for something by CCP.

Right now there’s a few 3rd party alternatives, fuzzwork evemail, podmail and spacemail are three which have public sources (there might be more). So you could either trust us (as in trust the fact we’re using the sources we published) or host your own.
What I usually recommend is taking off the tinfoil hat and accept that there’s people out there which develop for fun and don’t give a ■■■■ about your mails.

Snitch (author of https://spacemail.xyz btw…)


That might be just what I’m looking for. Thank you!


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