Spacemail (out of game evemail webapp) back with new home


(Snitch Ashor) #1

Hi all,

I had to migrate spacemail to a new domain, you can find it here:

also the sources have been updated to support php7.2:

Here’s the feature list from the old thread:

List of features:

  • Browse and read mails (with some conversion of ingame links, chars and kills -> zKillboard, systems -> dotlan…)
  • Write mails (WYSIWYG editor supporting formatting, colors and links)
  • Reply / Reply to all / Delete mails
  • Mark entire pages + Delete all/mark all read/unread
  • Browse the Calendar and respond to events
  • Read notifications (WIP, so the actual notification content is not parsed but displayed as is)
  • Desktop notification on new mail (can be activated in the preferences)
  • Light and dark theme (preferences)
  • NEW: View fittings


(Tora Bushido) #2

One of my fav. websites. I was already going &ˆ#&#*&##, then I found your new url and was like :heart_eyes:

(Snitch Ashor) #3

Thanks, glad you like it. Unfortunately I can’t put a forward from the old to the new domain. TL;DR: Stay away from freenom as domain provider…

(Snitch Ashor) #4

Sources and page updated. Fixed notifications and a small bug that prevented certain fittings to show.

Also switched to SSO v2 using local token verification. If you run your own instance please read the Update instructions in the README.
Also, this changes the requirements quite a bit: php7.1+, php-gmp, php-mbstring