Spacemail (out of game evemail webapp) back with new home


(Snitch Ashor) #1

Hi all,

I had to migrate spacemail to a new domain, you can find it here:

also the sources have been updated to support php7.2:

Here’s the feature list from the old thread:

List of features:

  • Browse and read mails (with some conversion of ingame links, chars and kills -> zKillboard, systems -> dotlan…)
  • Write mails (WYSIWYG editor supporting formatting, colors and links)
  • Reply / Reply to all / Delete mails
  • Mark entire pages + Delete all/mark all read/unread
  • Browse the Calendar and respond to events
  • Read notifications (WIP, so the actual notification content is not parsed but displayed as is)
  • Desktop notification on new mail (can be activated in the preferences)
  • Light and dark theme (preferences)
  • NEW: View fittings


(Tora Bushido) #2

One of my fav. websites. I was already going &ˆ#&#*&##, then I found your new url and was like :heart_eyes:

(Snitch Ashor) #3

Thanks, glad you like it. Unfortunately I can’t put a forward from the old to the new domain. TL;DR: Stay away from freenom as domain provider…