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(Snitch Ashor) #1

Hi all,
I originally wrote this for personal/corp use, but since quite some of the alternatives are vanishing I thought I’d share it: is a webbased mail client/calendar viewer for capsuleers. Just check it out. Its not blazing fast, the main reason being mails are not stored on the server, just cached for a very limited time.

List of features:

  • Browse and read mails (with some conversion of ingame links, chars and kills -> zKillboard, systems -> dotlan…)
  • Write mails (WYSIWYG editor supporting formatting, colors and links)
  • Reply / Reply to all / Delete mails
  • Mark entire pages + Delete all/mark all read/unread
  • Browse the Calendar and respond to events
  • Read notifications (WIP, so the actual notification content is not parsed but displayed as is)
  • Desktop notification on new mail (can be activated in the preferences)
  • Light and dark theme (preferences)

Sources (including installation instructions) can be found here:

Eveything is developed and “tested” under php 7.2 and mysql 5.6 but php5.5+ with curl and mysql5.x should work.
If you run this on anything but apache, please secure the cache folders against remote access (.htacces files to do this in apache are included).
If you see errors after an update from the sources please check the config.php.sample for changes.

As usual, I do this just for fun but if you feel like throwing some isk my way to support this, much appreciated.

o7 Snitch

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Is it open source?

(Snitch Ashor) #3

No not yet. I would give out the source and some installation help for a couple of isks, not sure if I’m allowed to do that though.

(Scipio Artelius) #4

No worries. I’ll pass then.

In general, we avoid using evemail to begin with, but without source code, I would hate to end up “short caching” on the backend, really being “all evemails saved and used for intel”.

Not making the accusation that you would do that, but if I used it and was asked by someone else from the Alliance, I wouldn’t be able to give a definite response.

(Snitch Ashor) #5

Yeah i understand that. Being lazy of figuring out if i can sell the source for isk:

Just try it on my page with a dummy char and if you like it grab the source from there.

(Ikki Phoenix) #6

I like it!!! I could easily see it take the place of Gate as an outside messaging/calendar. Any other features planned?

(Snitch Ashor) #7

Guess some mass actions like mass select plus delete or so, maybe desktop notifications. And of course to finish up the calendar.

(Ikki Phoenix) #8

How about a news feed that shows recent forum topic/replies and linked to the appropriate topic

(Snitch Ashor) #9

Just a quick update:

  • You can now respond to calendar events
  • Auto reloading and Desktop notifications can be enabled in the user preferences

I updated as well as the sources.

(Snitch Ashor) #10

You can now see your ingame notifications. This is work in progress as they are far from pretty the way they are exported via the API.

(Golden Gnu) #11

That is an awesome website, I’m going to use this instead of Eve-Gate, thanks :+1:

Feature suggestion for mails:
Check boxes (like eve gate) to do action on multiple mails at once (and a checkbox to mark all mails on the page), with the actions:

  • Mark as read
  • Mark as unread
  • Delete

Problem: Most of the page stay unchanged after you read an evemail, it would be really nice if the entire page updated as soon as you closed the mail.

Bug Report: gives me Internal Server Error
(Let me know if you need any additional info to debug it)

Thank you for creating something awesome! It’s really nice to have something to use instead of eve-gate and it looks really good too.

(Ikki Phoenix) #12

I just sent couple mails, however when I look at those mails in game, I am seeing a bunch of html code and the likes.

(Snitch Ashor) #13

Can you send one of these mails ingame to snitch ashor? Replace the text with random characters if you wish.

(Snitch Ashor) #14

The checkboxes are on the todo list. About the page staying unchanged… Problem is most of the stuff has a certain cache time server side, so things like “is read” status don’t change right away unless I store some things on the server which I try to avoid. About the calendar, will try to debug this, its probably related to one of your calendar events, I will let you know if I need additional info.

(Golden Gnu) #15

Thanks for the reply.

I really think the read/unread needs to be updated instantly.
I think just changing the user interface would be fine, emulating the change, even though the change may or may not have been push to ESI yet.

(Snitch Ashor) #16

Ok will think about how to do this, right now they are marked read via esi if you open them but it takes some time until the server returns them as read.

(Snitch Ashor) #17

Ok there was an issue when sending hyperlinks, I think I fixed it on my page, will update the sources when I’m sure.

(Scipio Artelius) #18

Congrats on slowly becoming the evegate replacement of choice. Hope the momentum keeps building.

(Snitch Ashor) #19

Not sure I want that since the server is not extremely powerful but I’m happy if people grab the sources and play with it.

(Ikki Phoenix) #20

Maybe having a subscription will help with upgrading the server :slight_smile: