Yet another EveMail web client

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I was a bit sad that all the other mail clients I know of either don’t work, or have a terrible UX.

So this weekend I did this:

All ESI calls are issued client-side, so it won’t be banned as PodMail did. It uses all the latest frontend stuff, so it’s pretty etc etc.

I’m willing to add extra features if it is of any use to anyone!
Some ideas: responsive UI (for use in tablets/mobile), PWA (to allow to install it as an app), compose emails, fix showinfo URLs, fix font sizes, improve caching, …

Oh and: if you’re worried I might read your emails, don’t use it. I don’t read the emails, but the token does travel to the server for decryption.

Let me know what you think!

Fly safe! o7


Thanks you for making this! I really like the UI.

I used podmail before, but, that got banned from ESI because of the stupid stupid 30% rule. I really hope you won’t run into anything like that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

It should be fine in terms of avoiding bans — all API calls are made by the browser.

Just a quick update — I’ve implemented a few other things today:

  • Composing messages
    • Search for recipients (currently character-only)
    • WYSIWYG editor (borked formatting for the time being, though)
  • Sending messages (will send to characters with CSPA, but ask you beforehand to acknowledge payment).
  • Organizing mail
    • Marking as read/unread
    • Assigning/Removing labels from messages
    • Deleting messages

Bonus: handling CSPA charge bugs

Missing functionality:

  • Implement EVE-HTML formatting (both for composing, as well as for correctly displaying messages)
  • Allow sending messages to non-character recipients
  • Creating/Deleting Labels done!

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