Evemail client, in your browser :D



Still very much a work in progress of course.


I’m an idiot who missed the ESI verify endpoint.

Now that I know it exists, you no longer need to tell the mail client who you are.

:+1: I like how there is more CSS than JS here haha.

tbh, there’s probably far more than is needed. I kinda lifted the whole stylesheet from datatables, when I needed to override bits.

isn’t this just a new version of eve gate?

Pretty much.

A big part of the why is ‘because’. :smiley:

No better reason other than to see if I could.

Cheers Steve, so much better than having to futz around with Eve Gate.

A little feedback :slight_smile:

  1. Add the link to https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/
  2. Can you please change the cursor to the “link cursor” in the list of mails (that is how you know it’s clickable)

Good job mate o7

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Done and done.

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This is more important now then ever!!

Indeed topical - Once again thanking Steve R for many fine community efforts. I thought MS Edge was going to cough, but it worked! The UI is minimal, but minimal can be good.

Will you consider coding a “folder style” filtering layout, based on message labels? Note that I’m very happy just to have easy “offline” access.

Supports text colors! At least for reading, haven’t tried composing yet.

Composing I’m just providing a plain text box. You can probably pass in html with font tags, but I’ve not tried that. And I don’t want to mess too much with the input.

Easy text coloring is just a “nice to have,” and I might try your suggestion in rare special cases. I would rank higher, having some kind of folder analog. But again its still cool just to easily see the messages, so soon after the announcement.

Thinking about a “color picker” ui just side-tracks me into unrelated territory, wishing for other features eve-mail doesn’t have, like tables. How are we supposed to play spreadsheets-in-space without table support? lol.

CCP is trying to de-emphasize spreadsheet aspects in some of their UI overhauls. But market listings of buy and sell orders: now that is a spreadsheet I don’t think they can design away.

Switching the suggestions from the EVE Gate shutdown topic to here:

For starters: No formatting. EVE Gate also only had minimal formatting, but at least you could do bold, italic and underlined.
And why is the mail input text box an overlay box and not properly placed in the page? On portrait mode, the box is tiny (~40% of the screen with tiny text). In landscape mode the box is not displayed completely, which lead me to be unable to close it because I did not see the cancel button. Having said that, why is there a cancel button in the first place? If you really must keep this box, why can’t I just tap in the areas around the box to close it? The constant swiping/scrolling/swishing is not really fun. Or if you must keep this box and must keep this button, place them all at the top of the box frame, where they are “always” visible.
Your character links lead to some weird page with lots of 0 stats and a navigation on the left that has market categories, nothing character related. Still WIP?

ahh. The character links are showinfo links. By default they won’t go anywhere, so I’m rewriting them to point at my info site.

Works for items, nothing else.

I’ve been playing around with a number of wysiwyg editors for the text entry. (the last one I used was called Quill, and it caused the page to hang :frowning: ) Mostly I have to make sure it puts text into the right form of html.

I’ll admit, I wrote the thing for desktop use. I’ll revisit the layout for the mail entry. (I didn’t want to go away from the main page, but I guess I can just slap the entire mail display into a div and hide it, while presenting the entry form). because it’s all done with JS, multiple pages would be problematic. I’m storing a bunch of info in variables which wouldn’t move.

The site is still a WIP. But I only started it on Saturday evening :smiley:

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Well, if you could get that much done on one weekend, I don’t understand how a fulltime team can’t get more done to replace EVE Gate.

Because the web team is stupidly busy, really :slight_smile:

After smashing my head off a few WYSIWYG editors:

Tada! Formatted evemails. bold, underline, italic, color, and links now supported.

I wouldn’t go wild with it, but they should work.

Now with mailing lists showing as labels. And unread messages being a lighter color.

A little more feedback :slight_smile:

  1. You should add a cancel button on the “Add Recipient” dialog, you can’t hide it after it’s shown, unless you add someone
  2. It would be really nice if you could mark mail as read