Eve-mails.com_1.3.0 ( dev )

I currently made eve-mails.com v.1.3.0( dev ) publicly available. It is an improvement of the previous version 1.2.0.

For the more technically inclined people here is the link to the project ( v1.3 ) on GitHub: https://github.com/RMo-Sloth/evemails/tree/1.3.0_prod

Old implemented features are:

  • Single signup
  • Multiple account support
  • Reading ( inbox ) mail
  • Tracking unread mails of all your account on the dashboard
  • Marking unread mails as read upon opening them
  • Deleting mails

New features in v1.3.0

  • Loading newly received mails while the site is opened automatically.
  • Reply to received mails
  • Write a new mail ( currently limited implementation where you can only send mails to my character ( Eve Mails ) )
  • Account detection and highlighting of corresponding character
  • Corporation member detection and highlighting
  • Alliance member detection and highlighting
  • New favicons


  • mail counter now updates immediately when a mail is opened ( marking it as read ).
  • mails are properly ordered by date after a new mail is loaded.
  • access is no longer limited to 20 mins ( but an infinite duration )

:star_struck: Feedback will be appreciated ( e.g.: Bug reports, Design suggestions / improvements).
:star_struck: Any ISK donations to my ingame character ‘Eve Mails’ are appreciated.

Current reported issues :

  • none

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