Eve Gate Poll

  • I want EveGate integrated fully with the new forums
  • I don’t really care about EveGate integration with the new forums

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I actually liked how Eve Gate notified you of in-game Eve Mail messages while browsing the forums when not logged into the game.

Those of us who do browse the forums much more often than logging into the game will definitely benefit with that aspect active.


I don’t see the third option “I don’t want EVE Gate integration” which makes this poll pretty much biased.

EVE gate is a piece of outdated code and EVE mail parsing there is atrocious. No reason to tie piece of legacy code to modern forum - if you need mails, there will be plenty of ESI based web-clients, either from third-party developers or maybe even from CCP someday.

And that right there is the whole problem.

Too many people including CCP expects and demands that every single Eve related app be developed and hosted by a third party.



Well it’s not like CCP demands anything.
You should really read Falcon’s post here: https://meta.eveonline.com/t/what-happens-to-eve-gate/6644/5

I won’t be surprised if amount of time needed to re-integrate legacy EVE Gate to new forums is so great, that it would be easier to write alternative plugin for Discourse completely from scratch. And that still requires some time obviously.

Meanwhile you could simply use http://www.eve-mails.com/ or wait for https://github.com/evemail/evemail forks.

I know there will be a lot of people who disagree with me on this. But, I would rather CCP work on developing Eve Online, rather than various out of game tools that let you interact with people in the game.

Eve Gate is old, out of date, slow and doesn’t function well. have you ever tried sending an eve mail with good formatting through Eve Gate?

As to third party tools, the reason they are so useful is because the person developing a tool is someone who has a specific need and a specific desire. They are able to build a tool to meet these specifications, the way they want it.

Now looking back at Eve Gate, let’s examine what it does exactly.

  • Eve Mails - Works but not overly well. The system is outdated and it was always better and viewing mails than composing. There are multiple tools that let you read/write mails now.

  • Forum notifications - The notifications are for the old forums. The new forums have their own inbuilt notification system.

  • Player Wall and notification system - More or less out dated, especially with the increased use of common Social Media platforms.

  • Calendar - Again, rendered out of date by, social media, the ability to share calendars through email (*.ics) and tools that use ESI/CREST.

  • Contacts - Again, there are tools out there (or at least have been in the past) that let you share your affiliations with people, this has always been possible through XML API, CREST and now ESI.

Most of the functions listed above can be done in game and some of are redundant. Personally, I would rather see the development time go to something more useful. But maybe that’s just me.


I marked the 2nd option. But, not going to lie; I love Eve Gate just for the convince factor to be able to check my mail via the browser when I’m not in-game. However at the same time, there are so many 3rd program tools out there that can do the same thing now.

Personally I use the Eve Droid app and I use it alongside the official CCP app. Gets me my calendar information, contracts, wallet history, and of course … new mail notifications. It’s all I need. :ok_hand: