EVE Portal app

Does anyone still use this? Is any work being done on this app to keep it going?
I’ve had nothing but constant “Connection Error” and I’ve given up on the app.
Would be nice to actually have it working again.



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Here’s a reddit thread on this issue from last week:

There are a few CCP responses in the thread.

Edit: That’s the wrong thread. There is a thread with some other posts from CCP. Will look.

I have the same issue with EVE Portal. I keep getting the ‘Connection Error’ message but somehow the app still shows my current and correct skill queue.

Yeah unfortunately it’s been a complete flop of an app.

Experiencing the same issues.

Can confirm, mails don’t load.

App needs to be fixed. It doesn’t work, redownloading doesn’t fix it either.

im having same issue and thjeres no section to report the issue in the support section

Hey there!

So the reason for this was that our specialists were not able to reproduce this bug. It happened to a limited amount of players (some errors in database on our end) and unfortunately it seems like you were affected as well. That’s why it took a bit longer to investigate than expected, it was simply not global and required some very specific circumstances :frowning: We are very sorry :frowning:



It will be fixed with the next patch, which should be released today or on Monday.

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