First gates shutting down

currently broadcasting this gate after this rather haphazard mail.

Ingame map does not reflect the loss on the gate connection. Autopilot does not take the shut down connections into account either. Obviously, because #CCPQualityCoding

So far it looks like systems in areas with active Metaliminal Storms are affected.

  • Latest development: The gate turned back on at 12:24.
  • Next gate shut down: 3L3N-X in Tenerifis

Wait, Just one gate shut down for a little bit? Wasn’t this supposed to be an apocalyptic event? I just stockpiled MREs, liquor, and porn in a bunker for no reason. :angry:


Gates are going down and back up all over the New Eden cluster now.


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Surely CCP is hyping this upcoming event in it’s typical way: a few enigmatic mentions, raising anxiety about what is going to happen, and incomprehensible e-mail and pop-up notifications directing to the CCP stream, where nothing can be learned anyway. But you can spam on chat.

Hats off to the employees responsible for communication with players.


The email they sent me was blank. It had an option to “view in web browser” - the web page didn’t say anything either. These guys aren’t really cool enough to do a marketing campaign like this.

These are just the early signs. You’ll be enjoying your MREs tomorrow.

The Email I got from CCP had that message, all it did was open another tab and show the same thing, option to either ‘Download’ or ‘Recover Account’. :unamused:

They even broke the forums with all this noir style. Blank fields are showing up white rather than the usual black.

How long does temporarily means?

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Arataka seems to have fun digging through the data:

“This Triglavian structure is designed to function as a permanent transfer conduit between star systems in the constructed Triglavian region of Pochven. Triglavian Space is made up of systems “woven” together by the Triglavians into an artificial arrangement defined by the Pochven Conduit Loop. Access to Pochven Conduit Gates is determined by the level of standing a capsuleer has with the Triglavian Collective and requirements may vary depending on the type of system into which the Conduit Gate leads. As with most Triglavian technology, the power for this device is drawn from harnessed space-time singularities. As the conduit clearly uses an array of three such singularities, the energy requirements must be considerable.”

The Home-15 ‘Pochven’ Filament permits up to 15 ships to travel from Known Space to a system in Triglavian space that is considered the home system of the artificial constellation, or “Krai”, controlled by a given Triglavian clade. Triglavian mastery of space-time conduit technology allows them relatively fine control over the generation and targeting of FTL conduits. Certain of the filament devices used by Triglavian forces are connected to systems that are considered the “home” systems of the Triglavian Krais, or artifical constellations controlled by each clade. Even those unfamiliar with how to precisely target them will find the conduits they generate will transport them to a “home system” in the Triglavian-constructed region of Pochven.

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I’ll take them if you don’t want.

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Is it the right time to shout “WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOOOMED!” already?

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Trig NPC space, finally!

So basically we’ll have a trig NPC region called Pochven, with 3 constellations called Krais (9 systems each) - the region will be accessible from normal space through filaments and once there we’ll be able to jump between systems through stargate-like trig structures?


All this is doing is keeping player accounts flickering from logging in. This is stupid. Just do it and move on already. This is like an 8-year-old telling a story and making it up as they go and it just gets more ridiculous and annoying. Just end this triglavian story already. It’s time CCP. It’s time.


Datamined regional map.


Is this real or imagined?

This is real, it’s been constructed from datamined information which lists the gate connections.