The fail of EVE ONLINE´s developer CPP

Hello CPP, hello together,

This is the deepest point of EVE ONLINE because of: “new local” in 0 sec, new “balanced” cyno mechanic.

Thank you CCP

You know they just booted thousands of bots right?


So just another null whine thread.

There are places for these whines and GD is not it.




Because you can’t bot anymore or why has that anything to do with the blackout and cynos?

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no sry i pay every month for the abo and buy plex for pvp ships :slight_smile:
or that is that what I did.

but eve is not just pvp for me … i also played pve but i do not do that anymore.
I do not have 2 or more chars and I do not want tat either. For me was eve only fun and not work with main char, scout , cyno char

only to wait for ping to start plaing a game is not statisfying. Mybe I just retracted

I hear that does happen to men sometimes


Eve Online: Only the strong-willied need apply.


yes thats right with the local

Thanks for the stats, seems the decrese is stopped.

" i also played pve but i do not do that anymore."

Why not? You can still PVE, if you don’t have balls, just PVE in high-sec. Null sec seems not for you. But high-sec welcomes you! <3
Plenty of oppurtunities:

  • nice chatty local
  • plenty of citadels
  • living markets
  • plenty of agents
  • safe asteroid belts to mine

We want you!

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So… for all this is a spam thread and belongs in the main topic…
Why are you not celebrating and flying your PVP ships through null even more now?

Nothing you have complained about is CCPs design. CCP have not stopped PVE or PVP in Null. Weapons are not disabled.
Undock and do it.

Do you really want salty whiners in hisec ??

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Who is CPP?



Graphs indicate that activity since blackout only changed in regards to NPC kills.
Five million kills less.


Furthermore did the Goons get a message about not undocking their big ships to rat, because they first need to find a solution to the new cyno situation.

The graph indicates that what we are seeing NOW is closer to the actual player count than we’ve been for YEARS (thanks to CCP catering to farmers and botters to boost their numbers and now wiping them off again, like the dirt they are).

The real problem is CCP griefing away people who actually care and not concentrating on those for once. The real problem is that CCP ignores the heart of this game, which is HighSec.

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Which is not true, market related indicators are at record lows, declining since July. Ship kills and gate jumps are on steady downward trend and close to record low … learn to work with graphs.

BTW, highsec, I’m not sure whether adding a new easy to farm ISK faucet to highsec is a good idea of “caring”.


Keep doing what you are doing Gades, you are a Warrior of the New Era. GODS SPEED SON!!!


There was an uptick before the beginning of July. People making last changes before vacation? It dipped a tiny bit in mid July. Went up again. Went down again. Then blackout hit.

I don’t see any relevant change and I have no idea why you bring in “isk faucets” into this, because it had nothing to do with what I’ve written.

Yes, all graphs are slightly lower, but not one of them shows significant change, except NPC kills. Now put that into relation. Five million NPC kills less, suddenly, yet the rest of the game barely reacted.

All I’m saying is that any fearmongering about how the game is dying due to masses of people leaving is simply not true. The only significant amount of people who left are the undesired, which don’t seem to be having a significant influence on other activities anyway.


Probably one of the most important indicators for activity: Actual movement. This should have been what you should have pointed at, because that’s a clear downwards trend.

I’m ignoring the graphs about order volumes and amounts, because they’re not going to change until their expiration date hits. When someone quits without changing his orders, they’ll last until they’re filled or over.


If you can’t see the steady decline in trade from the very graph you shared, I can’t help.

The highsec comment was because you mentioned CCP should care more about highsec … looks like they did, by introducing a new ISK faucet (red loot).

Trade … and still buy order volume has tanked (untick sell orders and you will see it). This can’t all be banned bots.

My point, activity across the board is going down significantly not only NPC kills.

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You could mark it and point at it, instead of going the easy road and declaring you know better, while not helping me knowing as well, but it’s not like I don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

That “steady decline” you’re talking about isn’t within context of my post, which is to point out that doomsayers and fearmongerers, who point at recent changes, are nothing but assholes who make ■■■■ up. The “steady decline” started, according to this graph, not long before the beginning of June.

The “steady decline” has nothing to do with recent changes. I can see that the green line is going lower, but I’d not worry about this as of yet. I’d worry far more about the blue line, which indicates actual in-game activity in space.

I’ll have a look at that “red loot”.

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