Local is broken AGAIN

I know PERL Abyss devs do not care but hey !, local is broken again. Well done.


I guess you didn’t wrote a ticket so they can start working on it?

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bug report sent before forum rage post, but this is not first time this happned.

i guess you dont know Peral Abyss is not working on EVE in any case
its CCP working on EVE

make a ticket if you think something is wrong
write this stuff in the forum will not help …

and what you think will change if your write here?


And not last. There is no bug free code. They will probably restart that node and everything will be back to normal. That’s why informing CCP as soon as possible is important.

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as much will change as my bug report will do.

Local is working fine for me.

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ahh i am sorry … you just trolling … ok … thats for form guys then


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I am so glad that you have proof that I am trolling. I sent CCP ticket , screenshot and few minutes later II got reconnected to chat server. hmmmm…

Now a bit seriously, This is ongoing issue for more than 2 years, and I would like to know if CCP planning to fix it or revert the chat system back from XMPP. Thanks

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Do you honestly think anyone working for CCP is competent enough to fix it?

If they were, it would have been fixed long ago.

now and then the chat system has problems
at the beginning of the change it war horrible … then it was running very good for me at least and then the DDOS thing happend
since the DDOS stuff i saw it 2 or 3 times happen … i cant complain

anyways … writing in the forum will not fix anything
only a ticket will make a difference … they can look into the logs and see where the problem is


This happens if you fire devs that love the game after they are not agreeing to every (buisness) decision the bosses made and replace them by ‘yes sir’ sayers that are less qualified in their job…


Starts to talk at topic you don’t have idea about.

Decentralizing chat software allow CCP to work out and fix such issues without bringing whole TQ down. And I guess that chat is not buged because of new software but rather “POS code”.

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how ? pls explain.

Decentralizing chat software ? you mean to host chat “server” off Eve’s grid. the whole XMPP protocol was ■■■■■■■■.
CCP can’t even fix the message while you changing system.
and now we just see this

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Good old “distributed” architecture. The bane of an enterprise architects existence. I have sleepless nights due to wondering when my distributed architecture gets a wobble. Granted I don’t need to deal with thousands of neckbeards.

wow … but … i dont have that
sometimes on 1 char … maybe … off … on … done for the next month
and atm i cant remeber for long time


You know…

You still have to employ people that have more than just a basic clue about the software they work with and -obviously looking at the results- this is not the case here…

It’s painfully obvious that the quality of patches and maintenance went inversely proportional to the number of ‘new gms’ down the sink…coincidence?

I don’t think do tim…

The bosses fired guys that KNOW the code and replaced them by guys that didn’t because the first -what blasphemy- contradicted some decisions and the second were cheaper - a win win situation(not for the game or the players certainly) and the loss in quality and the rise in the number of bugs is a direct result of this.

Trying to sweettalk this is just ccp fanboy twaddle.

Am i exaggeragating?

I don’t think so tim…


Look at the current status of the game…

You know, for once I agree with… Him


This should have never happened… :slight_smile:

Go back in time and correct this reality rift :slight_smile:

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