New blackout?

So is anyone else missing local?

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Broken for me as well. None of my chat channels are working.

I can’t get into EVE Portal (Android). Getting “login failed, try again”.

Well at least it’s not just me.
Communication disruption can only mean one thing…

free skill points.

Chat is back for me 23:42 eve time

It’s not just local or chat, you can’t search, contracts are buggered, etc.

Just more quality programming and QA from CCP.

disconnected from all channels too. Hope they reconnect after this

#RIP Local


they working for me now

Its weird it just comes and goes. One out of 4 toons it might work then it just goes away.

Yep local is still bugged lol. 8 of my 10 accounts dont show up in local even tho they are camping the same gate. Typical CCP goodness

I don’t usually rage but yeah CCP you lot suk big time can’t even fix chat which you fuking broke

Piss poor CCP sack the lot

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