Local is broken AGAIN

Since you put GM in pair with developers I don’t even care to read rest…

Since you unpair them and didn’t see this as a global complain that affected gm AND devs i cannot take your objection very serious…

Sry that i didn’t wrote an essay with 1000 words that contains every aspect and just took the short form…

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Oh, so you are one of they guys that will complain because graphic team is making skins instead balancing game…

If you want to continue this useless discussion. At least give proof that number of developers decreased in last 1-2 years. Because number of GM’s that has almost zero influence on development (code) show nothing.

No need to reply…

Just write local off as a failure.

Just one remark …

Bigger number =! greater quality…

Easy isn’t it? :slight_smile:

And again…this is not a gm discussion,‘gm’ stands for ‘quality of employees’…

Or is this easy comparison too much for you?

It’s more than enough to show me that you don’t have idea what you are talking.

You lot are a total disgrace, Cant get chat server fixed FFS

I don’t want to disappoint you all, but you know that there are only a few real makers left in the Eve project? Last head count at CCP was 250 (wiki). For all projects, support, etc etc. How many of them are really still involved in Eve? A handful. That’s why most of the time some design/skin “improvements” are made and a little bit of pushing back and forth on the other controls.

Only this can explain how sometimes serious errors come into game through DT. (no quality control due to lack of staff)

PS: Under no circumstances do I want to badmouth CCP. I am grateful to every single person who participates in Eve and contributes something to it.

It’s just a little worrying how things have been going lately.

One more reason to NOT fire quality and replace them with less qualified personell…


Again? LOL

It isn’t broken again because it was never fixed in the first place.


You will get quality of work only by hiring qualified personell and not by firing it because it contradicts your buisness decisions…THIS is the whole problem here and there is NO argument from twaddler that will convince me otherwise…

Now, the only difference between High-sec and Low-sec/Null is Concord response. With Local being sporadic, players no longer have this tool that enables them to take evasive action from other players prior to being attacked.

Since Triglavians attack indiscriminately, anywhere or anytime, as do pirate factions in systems with strongholds, EVE is much more dangerous.

Let\s not call it “High-sec” any longer, as nothing could be farther from the truth. Let’s call it “Sucker-sec”, as we tell new players they are relatively safe and then dump them into this mess.

So, because CCP cannot control bots, all players must be punished for the transgressions of the few. To sum it all up: Local never, ever had issues until a couple of years ago. It wasn’t broke, so they fixed it…

The bigger problem is the uneven playing field. I would be ok if everyone’s local was gone or everyone had local. In this case some people have local when others do not, giving them a clear intel advantage.

I love morons who are now jumping straight to conspiracy theories because local disappears for a few hours and scares them.

If you don’t know why ccp changed it, you can read their reasoning behind the change again. They were doing it to help the players, but fuckthem for trying to make improvements and for encountering bugs now and then, right? How dare they try.

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Saying it is broken “again” implies it was not previously. Your entire premise is flawed.


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