Broken Local, Broken Record

Just a one and done post, but can we find a way to update the game without making local and/or the chat servers in general broken.
Eve Online updates, nobody can talk in eve online, nobody can see who’s in local in any system, people die, CCP gives the same story about local isn’t there to save you, or be your intel, maybe you should rat with a scout on every gate instead.
Spaghetti code is getting to be a tiresome excuse to being unable to figure out how your own game functions.
Sincerely everyone who wants to play the game casually while watching netflix without being jumped by 6 people who never show up until they’re already in warp and you literally can’t escape.

CCP has completely rehauled the chat system (switching from a proprietary system to XMPP) over the past two(?) years and it’s had some issues to the point that they issued SP to Omega subscribers as an apology for the ongoing issues. For the most part the issues are happening less and less frequently but it’s still an ongoing project. The Local blackouts also don’t last as long, fortunately. Also, I hope you’re not referring to w-space because Local is NEVER visible there unless someone is naive enough to talk in Local.

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