Is local broken?

I cannot see any of my alts in local and we are in the same system.

How many times Local chat has been “fixed” already ? :smiley:
Totally worth the 20eur per month omega price…

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There is nothing wrong with chat.
There have never been any issues with chat since it was outsourced several years ago.
AWS servers work perfectly and nobody has ever complained.
Our logs show nothing.



happy capsuleer day… sorry local chat is dorked again. CCP why can’t local be reliable? Why no updates?

Really wanted to play today.
Guess that is out of the question till this is fixed.

Yes, local is dead.

Make use of it while you can!

Also fleet chat seems to be messed up.

It is not broken, please undock


Oh how silly of me…undocking now. Thanks for the help…

Why am I in my pod?

A wild Curse appeared!

It breaks reliably for the past 2 months now after almost every downtime, just like the launcher. I cannot start a new client even though the launcher said “Ready” just moments ago. In addition to that, this broken launcher also breaks station services and other features like moving drones from a container in a corp hangar into the drone hold.

Any day now, CCP will announce the new Upwell Blahtypus structure, a chat fluid router structure for your local and personal blah-blah, for which these chat outages are the preparation.

The game just removed all my custom chat channels and all I’m left with are non-working Local, Alliance and Corp. Server works fine, nah?

Halcyon Chat Transceiver II Est: 5,000,000,000,00 isk

Transceiver Decription Skill Book Est: 50,000,000.00 is

Halcyon Chat Transceiver II Blueprint: non existant.

Yay ! We need chat server downtime more often. Entire hours without a single 1 millon free SP spam or hypernet spam. And, of course, it sorts out those who know how to use d-scan from those who don’t.

still seeing weirdness where the chat channel doesnt change, i’ve gone through 5 systems and i still have the same local chat from 5 systems ago.

I wish it worked. Stayed home today to play eve.

Helldivers EVE fans – we’ve heard your feedback on the account linking update chat issues.

We’re still learning what is best for PC players the game and your feedback has been invaluable. Thanks again for your continued support of Helldivers 2 EVE and we’ll keep you updated on future plans issues.

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Looks like it is working now