CCP - Not good enough!

CCP - Sort your **** out please with the issues with Local, chat channels and DDoS. Its not good enough - it has been going on for too long.

We have current, returning and new players who need a better service. In this unprecedented time you have an opportunity to grow the player base and SAVE lives. Literally lockdown in Eve should be fun.

Please ensure the servers are ‘fit for purpose’ so we can play this awesome game.

And for the salty community…yes you can have my stuff.


they’ll brb after they redo TCPIP.


There are no other games to play!
People need to go outside when they can’t play EVE! D:
Can’t even read books! OMG BOOKS! *gasps*

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Dude , give them a break :slight_smile: poor Devs , I feel the pain on both sides .


The OP has a point though. I play a dozen online games and MMOs. CCP/EVE is the only one that regularly crashes their own chat. Regularly claims their login/chat/crash issues are caused by outside DDOS attacks. Regularly says “We working super-overtime on fixing this” but after years of the same behaviour, still doesn’t have a fix.

I just find it curious that Eve seems to be the odd man out here, when other MMOs have problems like this maybe once a year or so.


Why would TCP/IP need to change for CCP to develop a resilient service?

I agree 100%, Eve has not been fun during the stay-at-home, it has definitely been the cause of my buying and playing other games. In regards to the problems, I work and live in the silicon valley and from my experience a products technical problems generally coincide with the quality of the talent you have developing the product. It reflects poorly on Pearl Abyss, hopefully they will shake down CCP for the sake of their reputation.


Don’t be such a drama queen.


Unless you decide you’re going to connect to this game client by some other protocol , in variably they have to expose TCP IP endpoints and its those endpoints unfortunately that are getting flooded. You change your end points they just change the desto of their payload.


There are lots of strategies for dealing with this, so why would CCP need to change TCP/IP in order to make a resilient service?

Well they might be the only one crashing their own chat, but I know a few others who regulary crash their own features too, for instance TESO and its permanently broken Dungeon Finder comes to mind pretty quickly.

By all means, share them.

We’ll wait.

Discord went down at the same moment, and blaiming ccp for a DDOS is silly, they have something of a unique service. However, chat has become so completely unstable that there is no point in even using it.

chat in eve now is amazon… isn’t it ?

Dude, people are literally DYING ON THE STREETS because they cant play Eve. LIVES ARE ON THE LINE HERE, HATH CCP NO SHAME???!!!???!?!?!?!?


OP, do you have a brilliant way to deal with the DDoS attacks that CCP probably hasn’t tried?
Do you have a way to mitigate issues with a cloud based chat server that local and such is on? Do you realize CCP is practicing social distancing and most if not all are working from home?

No problem. Start here: (I’m one of the authors). Happy to go into more detail on specific approaches (and I’m sure CCP do all of the things that companies like their can and should do).

Now maybe, explain why CCP would need to redo TCP/IP? That makes no sense, let alone not being possible for them.

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Kinda sad that you wrote a guide on internet technology yet don’t understand something so fundamental about it.

You can follow every one of those adorable little tips, and it won’t mean anything. All the attackers have to do is bring more systems on board.

Changing to a different protocol would mean the attackers would have to understand that protocol, and have the hardware and firmware to use it, in order to carry out the attack. It would also be virtually impossible, since it would require the entire playerbase to upgrade as well.

But of course if you can write a government guide about the internet, you already knew that. You’re just playing dumb over and over and over again because…

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Chat service was outsourced in the cloud, what you expect? Real time services are not the main turf of cloud providers. Especially if you need to integrate and perfectly synchronize two of those.

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Maybe you can guide us then. The claim wasn’t that CCP should move to a different protocol, but that they should redo TCP/IP.

I’d love to see how you figure that is going to happen.