Now yes the server doesn’t work properly namely chat channels,bounty ticks and god knows what else.
Best thing for us to remember is that this is a game,play something else,spend some time with friends or family,take a nap,play a mobile game and so forth.
It’s no big deal if the issues take a day or 2 to solve.


EVE is not a game, it’s a way of life!

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Well said, sir.

Losing one’s mind over a video game not working properly is not healthy.

Things will be fine. Go out and get some spring time air and sun (unless you live where I do, then enjoy the spring sleet and grayness…)

Much love to the CCP devs who will be locked in the server room tonight- good luck and God speed to you all!

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EVE is not just a game. EVE is way too expensive for a mere game. EVE is a serious hobby like cars, gardening, or stamp collecting.


People actually use the ingame chat? Odd… I use DISCORD.

The bots have to warp away at the notion of a threat, don’t they? Neut in local? -> Gtfo!

Wanted to use this opportunity to go outside, but there was a HUGE ball of fire in the sky and i got scared…

So i will just stay inside and wait until the problems are fixed :wink:


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