Workers on strike

"The underpaid workers in the market are not keeping up with the influx of new orders.

Please wait a while and try again."

So Jita chat is back (yay) and it comes with new lag. Now we can chat, we just cant put up market orders.

Does anyone else remember when EvE was functional? It seems all the changes of late, from the window system to the chat system to everything else under the hood, all these changes that we’re supposed to make EvE better, faster and easier to write code for, have done nothing but bring lag and remove functionality and break features. The agency screen is slow as anything I’ve seen. You can’t find agents, imagine that. There is no voice chat now so we have to use 3rd party tools and chat itself has been broken ever since it was shifted to 3rd party servers. And just opening the industry screen is about as fun as watching grass grow. I thought these we’re all improvements? Now the market is lagged as well. I have only ever seen market orders lag during a reboot after an update and then only because the servers were actually shutting down. Why is EvE falling apart? EvE looks better. Over the past couple years you added nifty new shaders and skins. Great! I didn’t realize how nice EvE could really look and it’s nice to have a great scene on the screen. It really looks good but nothing works anymore and no matter how good things look, if it does not work it cannot be played on. As best that I can tell, EvE has slowly been degrading since changes were made to the window system and has only slowed down and broken since while at the same time hoarding screen real estate. The industry window alone barely fits into a 720p screen now.

I’m left sitting here wondering if EvE will even be playable in 2 years because none of the big changes have done anything to improve or speed up the client or server. At least from this side of the screen. It’s just slower and broken.

/endrant I suppose but I hope they stop breaking the game and get on top of things. I don’t want to see EvE turn into an abandoned project that wasen’t kept up.


Wait until they release 64 bit client. :smirk:

Stuff will be barely working I predict, crashing or having weird holdups in spans of few minutes.

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Makes you wonder how it coped when there were twice as many players.


It all part of the code upgrade, there was/is a lot of legacy spaghetti in there. Relax, 64 bit should fix most of the problems. (if ccp dont del boot.ini or something)

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Why would you think that? Chat, local and others, have had issues ever since the swap to external XMPP. Jita local isn’t working properly. A lot of messages remain undelivered, people aren’t properly unregistered from Jita local when leaving or logging off and so on.

Regarding the market, I don’t know the source of the issue. Maybe market bots are causing too much overhead?


Wasn’t speaking of the chats… and the post said it was working fine(ish) too.

Well… Just recently i were roaming 0.0-sec and at some point got chat constantly switching between current solar system and jita. Every couple seconds.
Local was completely unusable.


The chat system is doing this right now …

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Minimum product viability. Asset sweating. Technical debt. Chasing tech buzz fancy for bonuses and looking good with cost reductions on paper.

Conscious decisions.


Going to x64 won’t fix these issues, these are serverside issues not clientside ones and the server has been x64 since 2006 :stuck_out_tongue:

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What does a 64 bit client have to do with the server dying on its arse?

Yes and I think it’s important that you are pointing that out. There is a difference between voluntary and involuntary incapability. There are two factors though, that I can’t quite understand yet.

First, the inner workings of CCP in regards to how the individual GM/Technicians stand toward this business model. Are they playing the role of a buffer, i.e. following these threads to estimate where to put their limited ressources, knowing that they can’t fix it all, or are there mechanisms of incorporation that make them reduce their communicative activity to not much more than public relations fire extinguisher?

Second, is the accumulation of technical debt, sitting it out, quasi strategy of self-digestion really the best approach given the circumstances? The very limited insight I have, suggests that there is some pretty unique value in and around EVE, for which the game is just the setting and which I would guess is worth exploring way more than milking the playerbase of the game. So, I might have the wrong or not enough insight or there is another reason to choose the strategy of short term profits.

Purely true. Thanks for speaking on my behalf without me speaking at all.

Make Jita taxes so high that no one goes there. Also, you shouldn’t be limited to one region when checking the market. It should be jump range based.

this game is falling apart , Jita market huge lags , warp landing visual lags , d-scan distance ■■■■■■ up etc. …

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Twice as many bots.

Falling apart? It’s been held together with string and bubblegum for years now…

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it getting worse every day

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You’re not kidding. I just returned after a few month absence to find that not only have things not improved - but they’ve gotten worse in many respects. Yeah, the sale of CCP certainly improved things…

It’s not. Back in the old days the server just used to crash. We used to have 3 day downtime on servers when updates happened. People have just forgotten what the server used to actually be like.

For a comparison when helmets were introduced in ww1 the rate of head injuries went way up…
Sounds wrong for helmets right… except the rate of head casualties went way down.

The point is just because you see more chat issues doesn’t mean the server is worse. It just means they are more visible because the server isn’t exploding instead.