2018/03/21 - Unscheduled Downtime

(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

We’ve had to take Tranquility down for a short unscheduled reboot due to a database issue.

This one’s unrelated to the chat system issues that were occuring yesterday, but we’re in need of a reboot due to game database issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we hope to be back online soon.

As always, keep an eye on @EVE_Status for up to date details on the state of Tranquility.

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Aaaaand here we go again!
March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting
Eve Down Again
(CCP Falcon) #2

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15:07 UTC - TQ has crashed due to a database issue.
15:15 UTC - We are currently working on bringing the cluster back online.
15:17 UTC - TQ is back online in VIP mode for testing.
15:28 UTC - TQ is back online and accepting connections. We are monitoring the DB.

March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting
(OldWolf69) #4

Server down. Has to be expected.

(Tony Lennelluc) #5

would have been nice if they had done like last time and given a 5 minute warning or something

(Jennifer Austin) #6

This asset server problem is becoming a real pain in the neck I’ve lost 16 million on mobile tractors in the past two weeks because of these Because of unexpected problems they really need to figure it out

(1Of9) #7

insulting people leads to nothing productive. Why dont you post a constructive post instead?

(Gorebane) #8

16million… however will you cope…

(OldWolf69) #9

just tell me. who have i insulted? …?

(Lecnor) #10

Like CCP are busy at work trying to fix this 5th problem please hold the line?

(Kira Lancert) #11

zeah right ccp does it intentionally. to do what … anger you folks :smiley:

(Lecnor) #12

+1 on that note

(1Of9) #13

not you @OldWolf69 but I was referring to @Jennifer_Austin

(Crolin Lostborn) #14

With every endeavor there will be potholes on the road to progress. The more complex the endeavor the more likely the move to avoid one pothole will land you in another.

(alex darkman theinocent) #15

Я смотрю операция по пересадке рук с плеч на жопу проходит крайне успешно…
Вы там ребят главное не спешите- как пришьёте до конца руки к жопе - вы маякните=)))
Ну чисто чтоб мы знали что теперь то уже рукожопы готовы…=))))

(Carl Kasenumi) #16

was jumping between systems in a orca wondering why it wasnt finishing the jump, then couldnt log in after closing game rip

(Blu Eveningstar) #17

Its always a problem when updating and removing old codes hang tight for a couple of days then we will see the improvments

(Angry Arnst) #18

eve so broke i cant even reply proper

(Nalana Vos) #19

U Killed my forum groove… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


2CP Please don’t continue to torture players.
What did you guys do to EVE?