March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting

Incarna anyone? My Ishtar better be out there when I log back in! Incl. drones!

I was wondering what happened when i clicked accept.

Have they at least quit stating successfully launched! And replaced it with launched like a turd sandwich down the Office halls in Reykjavik, Iceland!

Do they need an exorcism?

This is an issues and reporting thread could we please stay on topic?

if you dont read it: from ccp
Hey guys,

We’ve had to take Tranquility down for a short unscheduled reboot due to a database issue.

This one’s unrelated to the chat system issues that were occuring yesterday, but we’re in need of a reboot due to game database issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we hope to be back online soon.

As always, keep an eye on @EVE_Status for up to date details on the state of Tranquility.

will plexes be reset?

One more week in beta would not do any good. The only testing team CCP has are their

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warum bezahle ich für etwas das nicht läuft???

Hey thanks for the fantastic heads up!!! Could of had at least a 10 min warning?


Some of people in juta their all of isk was gone
what is going on?

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business as usual

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they shut it down w/0 warning

Whoever CCP recently hired to do coding needs to go haha. Clearly not a clue whats going on


my ship wont survive… RIP
maybe time to rest for a while from this game

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CCP why no warning? Thanks for that

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This one’s unrelated to the chat system issues that were occuring yesterday

Yesterday? Please tell me you know the chat is still borked to hell?!

There is a big bug with chat, it doesn’t save the setting and i end up with some useless chat to remove everytime i connect and to find the others ones back too.

and the Overview cant be seen after I minimize it