March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting

We’re happy to announce that the March Release is now live!

Please use this thread for Known Issues & Reporting

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The March Release brings a whole host of quality of life improvements and balance changes to New Eden, including a 95% reduction in the cap on jump fatigue accumulation, changes to jumping and tethering mechanics, a shakeup of sovereignty capture and a whole host of small quality of life improvements.

In addition to this, the March Release will see a balance pass on several hulls including small buffs to battleships across the board, as well as changes to the Orthrus, Ferox, Machariel, Drake Navy Issue, Cyclone and more. A new Flag Cruiser will also be introduced – the Monitor – allowing fleet commanders to remain on the field longer during battle.

Aside from all these changes and more, the latest event will also kick off on the 20th – The Hunt.

Capsuleers can get involved and join in by finding Guristas Pirates at the designated event sites and eliminating their threat. Exclusive rewards include Cerebral Accelerators, a Damage Modifier module, Boosters and Hunter’s Quiver SKINs.


Known Issues:


  • Help channels are joined incorrectly at login. Workaround: Close and rejoin.
  • Channels window is slow with loading and reloads every few minutes if open.
  • Channel operators incorrectly have the option to add other operators, but it is nonfunctional
  • No notification is sent to the channel when the chat channel configuration (like the password) is changed.
  • No message is displayed when a character is kicked from a chat channel.
  • Resource Wars site chat channels do not update member list if someone leaves.
  • Deleting a chat channel can lead to broken channel entries in the channel list.
  • The option in the channels window to forget a chat channel is not working in some cases, when having roles in the channel
  • The alliance and militia member lists are delayed, but show all new additions
  • The fleet MOTD is not shown to new fleet members, when they join
  • Alliance MOTD can not be set
  • Chat channels with passwords containing non-UTF8 characters cannot be joined
  • Chat channel member list and text input field width is not stored (resets on login)


  • When moving a deactivating module that is set to “auto-repeat off” to a different slot, the module will return to its green active state (but will still offline at the end of its cycle as expected
  • Agency: Resource Wars sites will only show when they are in your current system.
  • Chat channels don’t show the user count any more below the tabs, which means I cannot see the count because tabs are not wide enough. This needs to be reversed.
  • Trying to load Channel Settings with a large blocked users list freezes the settings and does not load anything.
  • When it eventually loads after several minutes, in the Blocked Users list no reasons are show any longer for existing entries.
  • Unlike before, I cannot right click a user in the text portion of the chat any longer and see the Channel -> Mute/Block menu option. I now have to search them in the users list.
  • There are no notification texts any more for muting or kicking visible to the moderators at least.
  • Entries in the blocked/muted/allowed lists are completely randomly sorted.

Congratulations on another B**** *p CCP :slight_smile:

I am looking for QA work if you have any going?


All my chat channels MOTD’s are all stacked on top of each other (including Local)…also can’t join any of the chats i was previously in…

…wow…just wow…

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Local doesn’t show anyone. Interesting.


All chat settings have reset to big pictures everywhere.

Local is in Wormhole mode in NullSec (at least in G-G, and I’ve got Corp saying it’s the same elsewhere)

Alliance & Corp MOTD are gone.

No Channel User Count

Is it intentional that Local Chat in Highsec (Sarum Prime in this case) uses “Recent Speakers” Member List Tracking (only showing those that spoke within the last 15 minutes) ?


Everything is taking a long time to do…like switching ships…

Anything with a right click menu?

Wow, another patch and nothing works as intended. Now I can not play for hours again. Do we get compensated for this failed atttemp to completely destroy playing?

Gate control also seems offline.
Just tried jumping on 2 different characters on 2 different accounts into 2 different systems, nothing.

That said, I’m glad CCP finally decided to go for local in delayed mode :smiley:

Log in process getting stuck at a completely blank black screen. Fun.

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I ONLY WANT TO UNDOCK!!!..please let me out!!!



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Hey at least you got to a black screen. I can’t get past “Launch Process Started”

CCP at its finest right now…


same here Launch process started and that’s it

Better log in after a few weeks when the patch for the patch for the patch for the patch is patched.


Lag over 5 minutes…

hamster eat my local chan, feed them properly please :slight_smile:

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First time Jita local was silent!