March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting


(CCP Falcon) #1

We’re happy to announce that the March Release is now live!

Please use this thread for Known Issues & Reporting

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The March Release brings a whole host of quality of life improvements and balance changes to New Eden, including a 95% reduction in the cap on jump fatigue accumulation, changes to jumping and tethering mechanics, a shakeup of sovereignty capture and a whole host of small quality of life improvements.

In addition to this, the March Release will see a balance pass on several hulls including small buffs to battleships across the board, as well as changes to the Orthrus, Ferox, Machariel, Drake Navy Issue, Cyclone and more. A new Flag Cruiser will also be introduced – the Monitor – allowing fleet commanders to remain on the field longer during battle.

Aside from all these changes and more, the latest event will also kick off on the 20th – The Hunt.

Capsuleers can get involved and join in by finding Guristas Pirates at the designated event sites and eliminating their threat. Exclusive rewards include Cerebral Accelerators, a Damage Modifier module, Boosters and Hunter’s Quiver SKINs.

Guys chat is not fixed
March 2018 Release - General Feedback & Issues (Mac)
(CCP Falcon) #2

Known Issues:


  • Help channels are joined incorrectly at login. Workaround: Close and rejoin.
  • Channels window is slow with loading and reloads every few minutes if open.
  • Channel operators incorrectly have the option to add other operators, but it is nonfunctional
  • No notification is sent to the channel when the chat channel configuration (like the password) is changed.
  • No message is displayed when a character is kicked from a chat channel.
  • Resource Wars site chat channels do not update member list if someone leaves.
  • Deleting a chat channel can lead to broken channel entries in the channel list.
  • The option in the channels window to forget a chat channel is not working in some cases, when having roles in the channel
  • The alliance and militia member lists are delayed, but show all new additions
  • The fleet MOTD is not shown to new fleet members, when they join
  • Alliance MOTD can not be set
  • Chat channels with passwords containing non-UTF8 characters cannot be joined
  • Chat channel member list and text input field width is not stored (resets on login)


  • When moving a deactivating module that is set to “auto-repeat off” to a different slot, the module will return to its green active state (but will still offline at the end of its cycle as expected
  • Agency: Resource Wars sites will only show when they are in your current system.

(Dyver Phycad) #3
  • Chat channels don’t show the user count any more below the tabs, which means I cannot see the count because tabs are not wide enough. This needs to be reversed.
  • Trying to load Channel Settings with a large blocked users list freezes the settings and does not load anything.
  • When it eventually loads after several minutes, in the Blocked Users list no reasons are show any longer for existing entries.
  • Unlike before, I cannot right click a user in the text portion of the chat any longer and see the Channel -> Mute/Block menu option. I now have to search them in the users list.
  • There are no notification texts any more for muting or kicking visible to the moderators at least.
  • Entries in the blocked/muted/allowed lists are completely randomly sorted.

(Aerious) #4

Congratulations on another B**** *p CCP :slight_smile:

I am looking for QA work if you have any going?

(Lil' Brudder Too) #5

All my chat channels MOTD’s are all stacked on top of each other (including Local)…also can’t join any of the chats i was previously in…

…wow…just wow…

(Mai Hantaka) #6

Local doesn’t show anyone. Interesting.

(Zetakya) #7

All chat settings have reset to big pictures everywhere.

Local is in Wormhole mode in NullSec (at least in G-G, and I’ve got Corp saying it’s the same elsewhere)

Alliance & Corp MOTD are gone.

No Channel User Count

(Octavia Daya) #8

Is it intentional that Local Chat in Highsec (Sarum Prime in this case) uses “Recent Speakers” Member List Tracking (only showing those that spoke within the last 15 minutes) ?

(Lil' Brudder Too) #9

Everything is taking a long time to do…like switching ships…

Anything with a right click menu?

(Pakokkie) #10

Wow, another patch and nothing works as intended. Now I can not play for hours again. Do we get compensated for this failed atttemp to completely destroy playing?

(Arden Elenduil) #11

Gate control also seems offline.
Just tried jumping on 2 different characters on 2 different accounts into 2 different systems, nothing.

That said, I’m glad CCP finally decided to go for local in delayed mode :smiley:

(Kynami Vaille) #12

Log in process getting stuck at a completely blank black screen. Fun.

(Lil' Brudder Too) #13

I ONLY WANT TO UNDOCK!!!..please let me out!!!

(Likko) #14


(Sgt Ocker) #15

Hey at least you got to a black screen. I can’t get past “Launch Process Started”

CCP at its finest right now…

(Alderson Point) #16

same here Launch process started and that’s it

(Pakokkie) #17

Better log in after a few weeks when the patch for the patch for the patch for the patch is patched.

(Urlos Rinah) #18

Lag over 5 minutes…

(slphy vansyl) #19

hamster eat my local chan, feed them properly please :slight_smile:

(Ramon Sohei) #20

First time Jita local was silent!