Guys chat is not fixed

It’s broken AF! I had people in chat from system i was 10 jumps away. Corp chat dead, aliance chat dead, militia chat dead! It doesn’t even connect to the system you’re in.

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Same here
Local Chat 1
Local chat 2

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Local chat is showing characters IN A WORMHOLE who have not spoken.


Making it hard to log in!

To be honest, I always take a day or two off from logging in each time a major patch hits to avoid stuff like this lol


Fleet chats are not working. Not all members of the fleet are able to see the fleet chat. Messages are lagging or not coming through at all. Corp chat is not reflecting any other members of the chat in game (eve the ones in the same wh). When clicking on the social tab and trying to select a chat from there, it takes approximately 1 minute to load the list of chats. And then, not able to connect.

Its not just chat Im hearing concored takes 30 minutes to react high sec is going crazy! CCP will probably roll back without compensation so everything we do now will all be wasted :confused:

The game is “un-playable” from the standpoint of fleets, wormholes, and corp operations right now.

You guys have to clear your cache… That fixes most of the problems…


cache cleared and have same problem as after patch, when entereing jita local GG… it need over 10 sec to get all memers in local and its lagging like ■■■■

Guys I am not sure. But I am missing those numbers we had in that black line where settings were and members list options.
There were numbers, how many ppl are on local chat or some other private chat, with some capsule or lock picture next to the number.


Local chat still not working!

Yes, opening the game into Jita with other channels open is a slideslow (on Mac at least) as each of the chat participants are loaded.

Game performance has suffered considerably for me recently. Loading into others systems when flying around is laggy too.

Hope this is resolved soon.

Same problem.

i not see local and enemies.

I can’t pvp
i can’t ratting
I can’t see fleet chat and doctrine format posted here
Me not like WH local mechanic.

If this bad status will be long i’ll be force to leave game.

this new chat absolutly is not acceptable!! - ok. port tested and open. This is not reason of troubles

P.S. my friend from big IT-company say me XMPP (new chat) is not realtime protocol.
Probably this is reason - CCP just want save money and use cheap apps not developed for eve enveronment

Google translated
Redundancy of transmitted information: Generally, more than 70% of XMPP server-to-server traffic consists of presence messages [19], about 60% of which are redundant [20]. XMPP currently creates redundant traffic when delivering presence messages (i.e., “status messages”) to multiple users. To solve this problem, new protocols are being developed. The solution is also the extension of XEP-0138 [21] - the compression of the transmitted protocol data by the lzw and zlib algorithms, as well as the use of compression within the encryption of TLS connection RFC 3749, Chapter 3 [22].
Scalability: XMPP now suffers from virtually the same redundancy problem, but with respect to chat rooms and information publishing capabilities [23]. The solution to these problems is also expected in the form of XEP-extensions. While they are not entered, large chat rooms intensively form excess traffic.
Inefficient transmission of binary data: Since XMPP is, in fact, one long XML document, it is impossible to transfer unmodified binary information. As a result, additional protocols, for example, HTTP, are tried to transfer files. To transfer the same files and other binary information directly in the XMPP stream, base64 encoding is used. On the other hand, some client programs, for example Gajim, use p2p technologies for transmission, without using the server.

I don’t think it’s mac related. Most capsuleers are on windoze and experience the same perfmance decrease, same for me on Linux.

I’m on windows, and I have the same problem. I have lost a ship because I couldn’t see hostiles in local… Clearing the chat and turning off chat logging doesn’t work.

Confirm, local chat have a problem.
Sometimes information is not updated in it. More then hour i can’t see actual data, by pilots in the system.

EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
EVE System > Reconnected to chat server

  1. - port open
  2. not instal any antivirus


12 days & still ■■■■■■

Chat still f-ed up CCP awesome patch guys simply awesome - How about another 10 hot fixes