March 2018 Release - Known Issues & Reporting

O yes, there been a few with 24h outages. That’s why they created “unallocated skillpoints” to distribute to players who lost skilling time. Was 2011 maybe, iirc, or maybe 2012.

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Yea to be fair, this is nothing compared to some of the downtimes of old. It’s annoying, but at least you’re not desperately trying to log in every 2 seconds to start another skill training :slight_smile:

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Is this what is meant by a ‘cluster f**k’?

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But was it due to update? As updates get tested first…

"This topic will close 3 months after the last reply."
In other words, “We never close”.


So a sudden crash while I was in space

Lol tested yes But when told shite dont work they still implement it :frowning:

pa… ti… ence…

i suggest people we all quit eve , stop paying money for service that does not work !

How CCP is acting the last 24h


i can login. but i lost my drones!!!

i think there is some glitch about suicide gangking

Can yu stop acting unpatiently? Like they do their best even on WOW when it was vanilla it crashed a lot… let them act, at least they try to improve the game for -us-

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This is getting to be an issue, if EVE goes offline much more my boss will be expecting me to be as productive at work as I have been the last two day’s, please CCP sort you’re $%&£ out !

All the flak I have seen is way over the top, give the Dev’s a break, it’s not life or death if you cannot fly spaceships a few hours. Saying that I think everyone with Omega accounts should get a free extra day as “I” pay to play, and I have not been able to, I know the TOS but a bit of good will folks . . .

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yes . let them try … as long as they want , give money, plex , time , skills / BACK !!!

I have noticed that when I am in a data/relic site and doing the minigame sometimes I have to click 2-3 times on the node for it to respond, the same thing for my ship modules.

It appears that the delay in the server also includes minigame and activating ship modules.

Running again and safe in station, confidence is dropping rapidly with me with these issues

Lost drones again…