No need to fix the chat issue , it's dead game anyway

chat broken again , CCP don’t care anymore as the game is dead already,

Exit Eve and launcher restart, it will fix the chat issues. Same happened to me as well.

No, no, no! You got it all wrong! EVE is so much more awesome right now without chats! Who needs ingame chats anyway? Modern, trendy people use external communication tools anyway.

But relogging seems to work to fix it. This new chat system sure is an amazing piece of technology. So reliable, so good to use, so much fun to engage with.

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Then why waste time and rant?

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You are sort of correct.
Bots don’t talk. Period.
Krabs don’t care enough to talk and it might get in the way of getting that extra .001 ISK.
Everybody else is afraid to talk because it could get them decced, or ganked, or stalked, or someone will ninny about every little word and claim some kind of offensive word and get them banned, or someone is going to post it online and call it “tears” or something.

So yeah. No point in fixing chat. It’s dead. Might as well just call it “auto intel” or something so you appear in local but remove the chat feature.

My chat was broken as well when I first logged on today. After typing something in chat and sending it, the issue seemed to fix itself. Chat appeared along with all pilots in system.

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