Lack of communication from ccp

A lot of people for over 20 hours now have a blank local and CORP chat,

The fact ccp is completely silent on this matter really upset me and make me lose the little faith I had left of the game.

CCP can you please be better when it comes to communicating with your customers?

thanks sincerely a 2005 player


do you have an acknowledgement of ticket? They may be busy on other issues or, you know, have private lives. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everybody use discord now? We ought to get rid of the in-game chat.

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How can they not be silent if chat is down? Duh

For ascii art you have to use game chat.

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Ah yes. The young lady. Of course. No wonder the OP is upset.


“If our current efforts do not yield positive results by the end of January [2019], we’ll begin the process of investigating the reinstatement of the original chat back end, which despite its future limitations, served New Eden reliably in the past.”



What are the odds he didn’t even file a ticket?

i don’t get all the hate, the fact is stuff is broken

Your thread was conceived with entitlement. People hate entitlement.

oh wow im soo entitled, to a company that actually communicated with their paying customers when stuff break that again they are PAYING FOR

Yeah. There you go again.

man jokes on me to actually assume I would get a working product i paid for.

I can communicate with CCP anytime I want

i did , im sure il get my standard copy paste reply in 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:

Ah, well …
… update us when you get reply!

All games have bugs, and I’m not sure why you’d think that 17 year old MMO that is in constant development would be an exception. Could things be better? Of course. But it could also be a lot worse. There are companies out there that have no qualms when it comes to shipping broken games -and that is reflected in the quality of their product. Eve is not an example of that. Naturally, things could be better, but CCP certainly doesn’t deserve the hostility you’re sending their way. I’m sure that fixing some bugs can be some seriously challenging and time consuming work, and they are most certainly not one of the companies that are willing to foist broken products upon their customers. So, I don’t know. Maybe file your bug reports and support tickets, work around the problem the best you are able, and be a little more understanding Karen.


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who is this KAREN ? is she single

Sorry, friend, but this is difficult to believe.

this is why ccp doesn’t pay attention to the whining on the forums