CCP are the worst

All the issues going on atm yet the Devs fail to keep us updated. How about updates hey. You know just a quick post every hr or so and let us Your PAYING customers know wtf is going on.


i agree with that …


I am sure they do everything they can to solve the problem we face these days. They want the game to function as perfectly as possible. Like we players do.
I don’t know really, what’s going on. But I hope, they figure it out eventually.

they have the same ddos problem for days ,what update do u need?? they do what they can

Every hour ? Wow…
Are you on crack ? Don’t you think they have more important things to do other than giving you updates every hour ?
Like you think there’s one dude sitting on a chair waiting for hourly updates from his colleagues just to provide Your Highness with information ?

They provide info when the see it relevant to do so, or if significant progress has been made.

Oh and calling them the worst is indeed gonna help with their response time… :roll_eyes:

There’s your info fix, you entitled junkie…


It’s not the ddos problems anymore. I personally have no problem logging in my 9 alts but there is no chat on any of them.

I agree that there needs to be more ongoing updates from CPP.

Of course they are probably working like crazy, but not having an entry in forums with ongoing updates or even the Eve_Status in Twitter saying there are issues is like CPP is just ignoring everyone.


Yeah I can agree, for subscription based game like EVE online to have these issues and this often is just too much, I’m thinking about just ending my subscription and playing something else.


Updates every hour would look like this:

Still fixing
Still fixing
Still fixing
Testing something
Still fixing
Still fixing

Having a current status on twitter or something sure. But hourly updates is going to be a waste of time.


Wow arent we a smarty pants. I pay with my money to play a game on all of my accounts, So yes i am entitled to updates the same as anyone else is. I dont have twitter or facebook etc so your comment with the update is worth as much as your little post.
Seeing as you seem so butthurt about my comment of posting an update every hour or so i will explain it slowly so you understand what i mean by that . I … m e a n… i t … w o u l d n t … b e … s o … h a r d … . t o … p o s t … s o m e t h i n g … o n … s o m e … s o r t … o f … r e g u l a r … b a s i s … s o … w e … k n o w… w h a t… i f … a n y … p r o g r e s s … h a s … b e e n … m a d e.
If CCP posted an update even every 2 hrs it would at least stop some of the flaming and rage. Even if they posted saying “Shite is still stuffed but we are working on it” is better than nothing.
I have no problem logging in all my accounts. No lag No other issues. Only issue is no chat.
The game has had so many problems over the last few months and alot are still persistant today.

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I’m not mad about them not upating the situation, I’m mad because they have issues like that on monthly bases, I’m sick of this game, I’m paying for it but I can’t actually play it more often than not.

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Agree that hourly update is not required, but if you all look closely at forum there have been NO official posting from CPP that there is a chat problem!

All postings are about the login problem that seems to be a lot better now.

That is just not good enough.

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Calm down miner.

No, you’re not.

lol yes all those poor miners NOT

You should really calm down miner.

Players have been complaining about various issues including chat and ccp have acknowledged that there are issues other than connectivity right here on the forums.

They have specifically cited chat issues on twitter.

If ccp made a post just to say ‘there are chat issues too’ what would you do differently?

You underestimate human psychology…
Whatever they 'd do, there will always be someone to say “it’s ■■■■, you’re useless” and in this very case, “CCP are the worst”

And the butthurt guy here is you for not receiving enough updates.
As Daichi and I said already, every hour would be useless and generate more frustration than them not posting.

Actually, I like it more when they don’t post : means they’re actually working on it rather than communicating too much about not progressing.

So choose you words better if you don’t wanna get burnt.

Last thing, you’re paying to access the server and renting a private space to store your info, character etc. You’re paying them to provide a service, not for them to give you updates on anything, especially when YOU say they should.

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But you have the Internet yes?

You don’t need an account or app.

This must be your first rodeo.

But they are not providing full service now, and some smartass comments like “poor miner” is just making this worse because you have people dismissing problems just because it gives them easy kills on miners. Unstable game is not good for you nor for miners you hate so much.

That would at least be an update from CCP…

I think all the postings in different forum threads just show the frustration of days of problems and no ongoing communications from CCP.

Everyone knows CPP is probably working like crazy to fix it. But I doubt it’s the same people fixing the problems and providing updates to the community.

CPP is usually good at providing feedback when there are major issues, just not this time.

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