CCP are the worst

So in all your wisdom ( slight chuckle ) you mean to tell me that everyone at CCP is working on a fix ??? Now whos on crack hahah.
Yes i am paying and my $$$ go into their pockets. Yes i am paying them for a service which they are not providing. Its the same if i pay for someone to wash my car and they only do the left side. They dont get my $$

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I choose to not use twitter the same as i choose not to have facebook or instagram etc. Not my 1st rodeo lol i have played this game since 2005 :stuck_out_tongue:
Why should i or anyone else have to look on anything but CCP’s own forums for updates.


What makes you things they aren’t ?

You could just buy PLEX wth isk and enjoy Omega all the same for free.
My point being you CHOOSE to pay every month. No one forces you to and certainly not CCP.

You can connect to the game yes ? You can access your private rental space on the servers and play correct ? so the service is provided. It may not be optimal but you can still play.

What now ? Totally different thing.
If you wanna compare two things, do it right.
It’d actually be the same if they would spend hours washing your car, and you’d ask them to tell you what they are doing every 10 minutes.

Have a little indulgence for Christ’s sake.

Exactly as paying customers for a product, we are very much in need of updates regarding issues that prohibit our product “Eve online” from functioning properly. It’s the least CCP can do.
I have cancelled returning subscription and I encourage other players to do the same.

The people responsible for writing local blackout code messed up and ever since, patch after patch chat and local is gone or malfunctioning.

Not a single word on this topic nor any other information on what’s going on exactly is what’s wrong with CCP.

Careful or mr Jonny boy will try to shoot you down hahah But yes i agree with you

That’s your problem though.

But they are updating on the forums. There’s a daily thread in general discussion and devs may be giving more updates within said threads.

If they were giving hourly updates someone would ask for half-hourly. If they have half-hourly someone would ask for updates every 10 minutes…

The truth is, everything you need to know is in GD, twitter and other resources.

No, it is not

Truth is people prefer to focus on a relatively harmless problem that lasted a few days that’s not even CCP’s doing, rather than acknowledging the near 16 years of mostly smooth sailing service.

Have a little perspective people.

Lol. I remember it used to be “put a long skill que on” when they had patch days as eve would go offline for the whole day/s haha

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This was a minor annoyance. Stop whining and get some friends. All my chat windows and local were not working. Simple fix: chatted on voice with corp mates that had their chat working so I could have their eyes give me Intel as well as socialize.

Really the most annoying thing about losing all chats was not being able to link fits to and from corp mates. Even then though we Eve mailed them back and forth in the meantime.

I don’t need any updates on fixing it because I know they are motivated to get it done. Also I’m sure they would like to just say “hey we’ve stopped the attackers” than update too much and have the attackers know what they are doing.

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Grow up.

Grow up.

No it doesn’t. Grow up.

Oh look the troll is still here hahah


Also, I’m not “still here”. I have been playing EVE but I thought I’d look in and see if there was any definitive news but unfortunately there is just spam from idiots like you.

LOL i just been reading all the other threads about the current issues. Guess what ? You troll in them as well lol. i am playing eve as i write. Not that hard to do :slight_smile:

Again, focusing on offline times than online.
This is just sad…


Hmm i guess you left your glasses at home ?? Did you not see the LOL and hahaha ?? I was making reference to how it was funny with the saying. Personnaly i reckon eve is worse for stability now than back in 2005 :frowning:

Come on now that’s just disguise to get your feelings through with a bit of “haha look how funny it was back then”…

And ironically that’s probably how you’ll remember the incident in a couple of months when you’ll babysit you 9 paid accounts comfortably when all of this is forgotten…

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You’re entitled to be told to please ■■■■ off.

Please ■■■■ off.

Anyone else who agrees?

Please note that I only address this false sense of entitlement. I am as frustrated with the DDOS attacks as the next person, but I do not feel entitled about anything at all. They do what they do and there is no point in constantly telling us what we already know.

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Feelings ? You lost me there. It wasnt funny back then when eve had problems and it is funny now. What i found funny was the saying. I made the skill que comment in reply to the comment of the 16yrs smooth sailing. I never said i had 9 accounts

If I paid for something I demand it to work or refund. I won’t lick CCP ass just because some time ago game actually worked.

Chat is broken for around year now. Not to mention other ignored bugs and zero communication with community.

I understand what DDoS is and why they can’t fix it. But lack of any communication is terrible. And no, community team probable is not fixing servers because they don’t even know how to do it.