First gates shutting down

Strongly agree. We are getting excitement, drama, new opportunities, who knows what else, and some people just can’t help themselves.


Agree, i’ve been playing EVE since 2007 and these changes are going to make the game more exciting, more like the real world where countries (read for systems) will only be accessable to certain people who meet certain criteria


BTW, we know the way in (special filaments), what is the way out?

i hate the invasion content
to me the only think that should be between you and your will to go to any system is other players
but, c’est la vie

btw … i told them not to buy the cheap gates :frowning:


Also special filaments. They can take up to 5 ships out of T-Space and into the “nearest” Triglavian Minor Victory in K-Space.

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Thanks! Doesn’t sound super convenient … more like saving coding effort. :-/

Stupid pandering to what amounts to rewarding forum trolls. They have their 21 systems, why not just teleport all Pro-Trig players and their assets there and let them enjoy their “victory”* in this closed region.

*Only earned because CCP deliberately gimped one race entirely so their special new-snowflakes would eventually get those 21 systems. If that had not been done, Trigs would still be grinding against Edencom.


Considering all the decisions made by CCP so far and their ignorant attitude towards their playerbase in 2020, they managed to do the exact opposite of what you think they are trying to do.


It was six months ago when I logged off. Today I thought, well, lets get back into Eve online. Now this gates closed ■■■■■■■■. Ill check again in another 6 months. The crap and ■■■■■■■■ CCP comes up is beyond stupid. Wait whut? THey even block ■■■■ and ■■■■ and words like that now? Oh, wow. Lol.


All gates in Urlen are currently down. I waited on a gate for 17 minutes, then logged off.

What an excellent feature. Instead of 3 hours of playing, I think I’ll go and get some chores done around the house.


No, you just think you know their desired playerbase …
… and don’t want to recognize that you don’t.

Might be, because you’re part of this actually unwanted, so called playerbase.

We missed an opportunity for a massive disco fest right there, @Black_Pedro. :frowning:

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You guys are crashing the salty tears market hard! Do you know nothing of supply and demand?


I don’t know where you te coming from. 2020 has been a banner year for Eve Online! More players, more activity, more buzz. Setting new records, a growing player base again. I mean it isn’t all perfect, but man there is more excitement and energy in the air then in the last half-decade.

I mean, come on:


I know! The smartbombing fleet I never moved back to Urlen. Sigh…

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CCP playing “Bring on the Wrecking Machine” on loop when the freighters were bouncing off the Jita gates was pure genius :slight_smile: A perfect moment :slight_smile:


Yes! Amazing!

The gates are already back up, and I guess will be flickering on and off until tomorrow’s downtime.

Enjoy the event people. The fireworks are a perfect way to bring in the biggest change to New Eden since the Apocrypha expansion.

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Thankfully with CCP removing highsec soon the playerbase and retention will be through the roof!

Great work!

So, do we need gate pings for highsec now?

Interesting. So I guess the idea is to keep players logged out until the downtime, and then after this new region is rolled out … it’s one more thing to ignore, basically?

I guess what’s not clear to me is why one would bother with the newly cobbled-together Trig region, given the risk profile there. Trade, perhaps, but the risk profile makes that quite unattractive.

Probably for mining.