Eve login down?

(Serenity Fireslayer) #1

I can’t log in, first it took 5 minutes to “aquire” bulk data now socket closed and says no connection can be reached?

(Judge Chuck) #2

Yes, same problem here.

(Evocationz Adhera) #3

aye i keep getting told i cant conenct or the socket closes

(MJ Hakaari) #4

Same here.

(Ptraci) #5

Yup, I managed to log in and download the bulk data, then after a few moments in a station it booted me out with a socket closed and went down.

This is just the standard CCP patch deployment process lol, EVE should be back in 6 hours or so

(Evocationz Adhera) #6

Now I gotta play farmville till its back up!

(llorak) #7

I might be forced to play real life

(Klupps) #8

ccp please

(Joviany White) #9


(Ptraci) #10

Don’t do it! I mean yeah the graphics and physics engines are awesome and they’ve pretty much licked VR - but the levelling and progression sucks terribly and it seems like the end game is your account gets deleted. Totally not worth it imo.

(Nejeha Cohn) #11

same here

(Aiko Yama) #12

Hmm, just checked CNN and BBC for possible news regarding a Hamsterstrike, and nothing yet, but i guess we’ll just wait and see :sunglasses:

(Judge Chuck) #13

EVE has gone offline. Kick those hamsters back into life!

(Ptraci) #14

Back into VIP mode. There is hope yet.

(Arcadia Kain) #15

Can’t log in. Socket closed.

(llorak) #16

connecting connected

(Ptraci) #17

It will happen. Have you sacrificed the virgins? Lit the candles? Placed the skulls in the right place?

(yellow parasol) #18

Please do NOT EVER suggest self-sacrifice again, okay???


(Arcadia Kain) #19

I sacrificed a pistachio to the Gods. They granted me access.

(Ptraci) #20

Sorry but I’m not a virgin. If you look at the killboard I was penetrated once again as recently as last night! lol… damn Gila stuck inside a gate… burn back to gate the FC said… burn away from the gate FC said… bounce around inside gate CCP said.