Did eve just crash ???

yes…it did

Beat me to it, looks like it has.

i think so, im stuck at logging in

Yes, seems so. Only 13 on tranquility atm

(At least that Marauder pilot stealing my boss in the Wightstorm site won’t get the loot lol)


Yep, all accounts down. Was training a new-bro. Pretty sure that was a surprise when they jumped gate.

The Year is off to a good start.

The client tells me “Login complete”, gongs for me and then only shows a black screen.


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Back up now

not for me - hanging at login

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CCP gone and broke it again

Finally back in…

Not for me. I get “Login Complete” but then only a black screen and the gong.



Yeh - still can’t get in.

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It’s back

Back in for now lol.

For me too, login finished → black screen

ok now

Perfect timing for moving something expensive through Uedama, AG win again!!!

PS Joke, but could this be a DDOS

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Looks like it takes a minute or two to get through to the actual character selection screen.

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