Server Down - 2021.01.03

It seems that the crashed today – 2021.01.03, shortly (about 50 minutes) after the daily down-time restart. Anyone have any information on this?



is it up ?

Seems to be back up now.

You can login but all graphics are not working?

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It is lagging really badly and shows my toons as alpha instead of omega so there are still issues.

Well i get the authentication passed on login but screen is black so its either lag with everyone logging in at same time or there are still issues

Still got stuck at a black screen

Can’t pass to the character selection screen here. I can here the sound of it but the screen is black.

There is a super lag but eventually the black screen yields to onlining…

Yeah eventually back in but now im stuck in 1st person view

Just lost a very expensive ship due to this downtime. Is it possible to get it back?

yeah, contact support

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login is real slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

At the moment giving me variations of “the server closed the connection” or “connection was lost” on all login attempts.

game broken … sad :frowning:

Нет соединения с сервером. Что такое опять случилось…Ответьте кто нить пожалуйста…

they are working on it …

Есть проблема какая-то! Прям сейчас этим занимаются! Ждем

half an hour of maintenance and the game is still down. this looks like a glance of the real state of the game.