Server closed

Can’t connect to the game. I get this message. “Connection to the server was closed.” Is EVE gone?



Seems like they finally closed down the game. About time they did so…

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It was bound to happen soon anyway. They ignored all requests to add a PvP toggle to the game, and the population dwindled until there was barely anyone playing it. It just wasn’t worth it to keep the thing running for so few players.

Oh well, at least we have Star Citizen.

I also have a ST account. Got mine on a sell a couple of years back. Glad I took it.
EVE was giving me a bad vibe anyway, it has been clear for several years now that the game was on a downhill spiral.

I knew it, it was those SAFETY gankers, they have finally caused everyone to leave and CCP had no choice but to shutdown the game for good.




As the official winner of the game, I want to thank each and every one of you for playing EvE Online, and I hope to see you in my Minecraft server.


I’m really surprised eve lasted as long as it did. not even the original developers expected more than 4 to 5 years. well. it was a good experiment, i guess. well see who picks it up and makes an eve 2.0 in the future.

Do not trust this b____ she will throw your diamonds into the lava!

I already told you, there is a hay bale at the bottom of the lava pit, if you jump in the lava can’t hurt you and then all your stuff is there ready for you.

it was a good game while it lasted. too bad it is gone.

Im going back to Anarchy Online, 2003 wants me back.

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Tried to log in during downtime maybe?

Somehow I doubt every second advert on Youtube would be for Eve…if they were about to close the game down.

Just logged in a few minutes ago.

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