Eve is dying storyline

Eve is dying storyline

When the time comes to turn off Eve Online, at end of life, is there a storyline event planned?

yes, this enemy would appear and start flipping systems to null and…OH MY GOD!!!11

Jita finally goes down
Ships (especially haulers) randomly explode
Jita becomes a huge Piñata

that’s not an end; the loot in jita 4-4 could fuel wars for years :slight_smile:

Not if it’s really THE END

I would imagine all of New Eden beating the snot out of each other, with Concord deactivated and all weapon and ship restrictions lifted, in true Eve style, with glorious balls of fire. Wouldn’t have it any other way…

But another Eve dying thread ? Really ?! Here’s hoping the newer pilots find inspiration and use their creativity for more than just


It is already built-in. Ongoing resource limitations mean services will be reduced. “Free” or other public functions will disappear. Limitless cloning will become limited. All capsuleers will circle around shrinking sink holes as resources vanish. Eventually we will all be down to one life each. The end.

in 100 years we’ll run private EVE servers in emulators and bittervets will complain that the game is dying


You think it’s not?

Proof us wrong…

The game is outdated and cannot affort to loose 95% of all noobs during the first month…

It’s a niche game and such losses are fatal…

Give those noobs what they want (complete safety in high) and we can talk again…but if not game over…

Guess we won’t talk, ever, if you put it that way. “The Noobs”, I doubt that’s what they want in the first place, prove me wrong …

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regarding OPs question: i think the game will slowly fade away instead of suddenly shutting down, but when the time comes there won’t be much development time for a final battle event - it’ll be a player hosted event for brawling it out with all their accumulated assets

95% is very normal for any game and insanely good compared to most stuff sold on steam - there is a large stable customer base and many employees working on it - the game is actively updated and kept up-to-date regarding the newest technologies - it’s a market niche without competitors - EVE will be around for a long time, even if they ■■■■ up the next 10 years of development without community communication the servers can stay in maintenance mode, just like the last game i played called “Pirate Galaxy”


Indeed it is, in fact it’s better than that of many in the f2p genre; which is one in which Eve has a foot.

What Darlo fails to say is that of all new players, 50% fail to log in, at all.

The data that I assume he’s referencing was presented as part of a talk last year at Eve Down Under IIRC.

There was actually a very slight increase between day 60 and day 90, which may well be players that quit and later returned to give it another bash; because they have gotten the itch.

We lose 90% of those that do log in within a week, and after 3 months we retain 2.5% of those that bothered to log in in the first instance; this is not far off the industry average and well within the rules of normality.

People keep posting these numbers as proof that Eve is outdated, dying, needs to become a themepark etc in order to survive; all the while ignoring that these numbers are in line with games across the board, both f2p and p2p.

In particular, the MMO segment is rumoured to be shrinking due to the ascension of games that require little in the way of time investment to reap the rewards; especially in the mobile market with many consumers having a smart device on them 24/7.

Meanwhile, in Amarr space…

edit ~ found the retention numbers.


If you are asking about Jove space … we will never be allowed in there, not even in the last hour before the servers shut down.

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That is how you’d kill EVE. That one change alone would lead to the biggest wave of layoffs CCP has ever seen.


CCP doesn’t have enough people left to have “the biggest wave of layoffs they have ever seen.”



If we go by the constant caterwauling and doom saying since the dawn of Eve time; Eve could be, and probably always should have been, classified as Schrödinger’s Zombie.

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What did the Chinese server do?

–Curious Gadget

But the Red dot will STILL be there…

–Gadget hates measles


Why would they bother with a storyline?

They’d announce it a couple of months in advance.
Everyone would start blowing things up because there’s no point saving it. Some morons will try to RMT out while they can. And everything will kinda settle down in the period leading up to the official closure.

Then on the final day, everyone would log in, have one massive tidi-fest where CCP devs would come in and join, people take screenshots, etc. Type o7 in local, and then watch as the servers go down.

Afterwards, people will be sharing pictures, spreadsheets, some people will post videos a couple of days after rendering it. A handful of idiots will be screaming “give us the server code and we’ll host private servers!!” without realizing how dumb they’re being. And everyone else will gradually move on.

You don’t need a storyline for that, plus it’d be a silly waste of money.