EVE IS DYING. Well not the game, but the universe CCP has set out to create in 2003.

The grand vision of Hilmar, a living, breathing, gritty MMO Universe is in its final moments while barely alive on life support in the forms of the occasional and odd scope video. Released at a pace, which begs to question what these scope reporters are actualy doing all day long.

Years have passed since the last Chronicles, perhaps even decades since a scientific article.
The entirity of the Lore Page, a sad reminder of what could have been.

Storylines started, but never touched again.
Drifters, Sansha, The mysteries of the Sleeper race and even rogue Drones. No conclusion and no ability to work towards a conclusion. Now Triglavians thrown into the mix and all of which seem to have zero debt…just more NPCs to grind without an afterthought.

Concord and Navy vessels happily dancing with triglavians on a gate. Business as usual but yet we are supposed to be sold on the grand triglavian menace.

It is, what the majority of the playerbase seems to demand however. A space arcade shooter without any debt. A univeree full of life yet sterile and void of any meaning all the while you stumble about one immersion breaking incoherence after another.

The character you are is reduced to a portrait. The person you wanted to be when you initialy set out, cast aside to min-max killboard and/or ISK gains. Perhaps you wanted to be an explorer, unravel the mysteries of this vast(but mostly life and meaningless) galaxy only to realize, that these data and relic sites dont hold any mysteries other than the question “is this worth hacking”. Disillusioned you follow the norm. Train into something that pays better and your true path begins. You are no longer unique but a just another random min maxing isk/hr. The explorer you wanted to be a pale shadow.

Repetitive missions and sites as a sad reminder that no matter what you do. Its ultimately meaningless. Millions upon millions of presumed lifes killed when you blew up those battleships and that station. Only to encounter the exact same thing 5 minutes later.

Repetitive PVP only to remind you that the reason you PVP is, is because everything else bores you.

No longer it is possible to log in and be immersed in awe.

Is it time to acknowledge that EVE has moved beyond rpg to embrace a more arcade style, more akin to dungeon crawlers or spaceshooter/sim such as Dreadnaught .

A game to log in and play a few matches of largely meaningless PVP or to grind down NPCs while the brain is on stand by or the entire player AFK.

New Eden is dead.
Long Live New Eden.


As in any game, initial mystery and immersion start to fade as the player has experienced most parts of game and has optimised their gameplay.

Mostly this isn’t because of changes to the game, but mostly because of changes to the players themselves. A lot of games have the problem of people with rose-tinted nostalgia glasses asking for a previous version of that game because they long back to the time the game was new and mysterious to them. They think they are asking for a previous version of the game when everything was better, but what they actually need is for their memories of the game to be wiped so they can experience it for the first time, again.

New Eden isn’t dead, your immersion is.

For me that’s a sign to look for another game and take a break until I feel the urge to play the game again.


I’m perfectly fine with role playing Tipa the pirate, I write my own little EvE story, don’t care much about NPCs lore except if it is cool (like Trigs). :slight_smile:


let me explain the triglavian
eve is an old game
the cry babies needed some new beginning
“there is so much stuff in eve , ill never catch up”
wait , there is this new cool race , with those OP ships, and you don’t need old school ■■■■ to be the best
yeah , be a Kirby

do like everybody else and pretend they don’t exist , one day they will fix it

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Or, and bear with me, you could not do the events and do whatever you want instead.

Contraversial, I know


Looking at the thread title, I was reminded of a recent discussion I had with my postgrad daughter as she attempted to put me in my place with her expansive education.

When I write an initialism like MMO, I preface it with “an”. She thought it should be written as though you were prefacing the phrase it was derived from. Thus it would be as the title above.

I’ve seen it both ways in articles and online discussions.

So who thinks “a MMO” is correct? And who’s with me that “an MMO” is the way to go?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I thought both are correct and the right choice depends on how you pronounce ‘MMO’. After all, the difference between ‘a’ or ‘an’ depends on the pronunciation of the following word, right?

This means:

An M M O’
A massive multiplayer online’ (game)

But I could be wrong. As I would not speak out the entire sentence each time, I personally stick to ‘an mmo’.

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Do you say NERF as



“Non-Expanding Recreational Foam”


I do realise what this means.

So what if I say Muh-muh-mo? Its a perfectly cromulent pronunticle.


Then it would be ‘A Muh-muh-mo’. Do people actually say that to MMO?

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That’s pretty much greek for “my mother”.

As for the other thing, I’d say nerf as it’s an acronym. Whereas if I were ordering my favorite beer, I’d ask for an Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale instead of “Yo barkeep! Gimme me an eye-pee-yay, wontcha?”

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


An Em-Em-Oh.

The article in english is dependent on phonteics - not the letter.

An hour… because phonetically hour begins with an /o/ not an /h/.

An herb vs. a herb.

Since herb can be pronounced as /herb/ or /'erb/ dependent on location, the article in writing tells you how the writer pronounces the word.

–The Gadget - not a gadget - know the difference

Edit: Meant to reply Mr. Epeen, but locked the wrong post. It was lag… I swear. :slight_smile:


Dont start with that.


I would tend to disagree, but my prospective is from the pvp angle. When I started, we rotated wd’s through the null blk’s with a merc war thrown in apx once a wk to kinda help pay for it. We would mission run as best we could, etc. After 4 yrs of doing this, getting better, stronger, faster! :roll_eyes: :rofl: Our immersion never faded and for the most part, we didn’t change much either in our dedication to the game.

CCP pulled the rug out from under a lot of players with the wd rule change. 3/5th of the player base quit. I moved on to solo killing players but that turned out to be easier the hunting null the blks. So then I went back to mission running to get better standings and see if I could escape my peers while at it. After a couple of yrs of that, it became a :sleeping: fest as well.

So I would have to say it’s CCP’s fault the game has such low numbers, outdated content, etc.

Hunting humans never loses it’s mystery and I’m not asking for a previous version either. But I bet you would see a lot less ganking if there was another easy way to take out your pvp frustration/desirers like the old wd sys.

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Reported OP for griefing and harrassment.

That’s hilariously child like. Report/flag me as well. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve been on a reading spree of the lore within eve. It does appear that most of the lore quit a while ago. There’s so much I’d like to know still.

Most of the player races are shadows of their former selves, so you’d think there would be more evidence of the former glory floating around somewhere. Are the rogue drones turning into cylons?


Did you catch the part where warp drive in the game is 3 round rocks found on the ground?

you mean …
the holy wisdom of the pope itself?

You got me on that. I don’t follow the lore much.

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Amarr victor. Game’s been dying since 2003 in some way or another.