its been a pleasure posting the last couple of weeks or so but what is the point? EVE online is in such terrible shape that nothing can save it. Certainly not some guy posting on a forum. Its a shame because the fundamental reason is just incompetence. The gaming industry is huge and the potential is there. EVE online still is a unique concept. But there are too many annoying things among other things with the game among other things. So i wont bother you or anyone here no more. I will just let you rest in peace for lack of a better term. Bye


wait gimme your stuff!


I hope you find something better, I tried newer games, but idk I guess I am too oldschool to like them. All of them disappointed me heavily, D4, JA3 even Albion online which my brother plays, but I just didn’t like it at all…

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I admit I laughed a little, Shady FTP.

Another one bites the dust!
o7 Farewell! See you in space after a year or two!
Fly safe.

This guy came up with some sincerely terrible ideas and I will miss reading them and wondering what would come next.


I never do the “I quit” posts. I throw big parties, I make it a point to make a special holiday event, and gift all my stuff to my friends, then I leave the game. I make sure they never forget me.

Who was that person anyways?

We’re all devastated I’m sure.
Meanwhile in Gallente space…

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I understand why you’re leaving and it’s sad to see you go.

Leaving only helps the small but very vocal minority here in creating an echo chamber.


Have fun playing Star Citizen… Or Elite Dangerous :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Try PoE ?

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Have you had a chance to visit our lord and savious, Zorya Triglav?
HF wherever you go o7

I’m actually surprised that you’re planning to go back to your old habits!


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Sorry to see you go, see you when you come back <3

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