Eve's proper done

Game is simply overrun by bots and casuals now.

In the end what is left is a bunch of hisec carebears screaming for more safe solo gaming while the rest of the game, ie. what made the game truly special once upon a time, simply withers and dies.

Goodluck everyone, it was a fun ride, while it lasted.


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Can I have your stuff, pretty please ?


kbye! Canihaveyourstuffs

~ED~ Damn you,Sasha! I shake my fist at your speed posting.

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@Sasha_Viderzei @Foggy_Bernstein

You’re out of your element.

You’re out of the game. Sayin’ that sayin’ nuthin’

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I shake my fist at your glorious mustache, fine sir ! If only I could have the same on female characters!

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Naah, they look drawed with a pencil. Volumetric hair would be something.

So will you, a matter of months now.

Already gave my stuff for another casual to burn.



We’ll see kid, we’ll see !

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Nah mate. I’m currently ecstatic at the thought of bad players like you being gone. As much as the game needs new players…
Nobody will really miss you.

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Rude! But I see you want to burn all the bridges behind you. Whateva. EVE isnt so easy to give up.



It’s not over til the hamsters leave the building -vs- nolifin’ or nothin’…



That would hold its own, if it weren’t for all the good players and groups leaving as well.

And I wont miss you, that’s for sure, whoevere the f you are or supposed to represent …


Isn’t Easy at all no, but is getting much easier now, with good reasons aplenty.

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It’s Hamsterwheel Online, the last terminal sympton until death.

Star Wars Galaxies got the same fate.

And I regret to inform that it’s the “nolifin” that pushed the game’s universe and level of immersion to its former glory, not the spoonfed solo Alphas and Abyssal site casuals, nor the safety-waving hisecers.

Ask Philip K Dick if he was a casual/social type for instance…

Star Wars Galaxie died in 2011, being online since 2003 it lived eight years. In 2019, EVE Online will have lived twice as much as SWG. Yeah, still have some time in front of us to save the ship.

It was a much different game but the out of those 9 years, only the first 3 really counted, until Sony decided to “go for the money” and turned the game to trash.

CCP turned trash ever since alphas and microtransactions, and it’s been downhill ever since. You cannot dispute that.

What was it? Gank? Hauler bumped on gate?

Id ask you to stop trolling but that goes against your nature :wink: