Is the CCP planning to shut down the server?

Look at the average number of players per day, CCP you’re not panicked at all from losing players, are you?
Six months ago everyone was still in the heat of the WWB, but now, I look at the empty local channel and at a loss of words.

Forgive my poor English, but seriously, I doubt that CCP is deliberately crowding out players to achieve the purpose of shutting down the server.

After watching one of the lastest live announcement video, I’m even more pissed off. Are you really serious about trying to explain the principles of economics of such a revamped version to the players? To be honest, what players really care about is just playing soundly and well, and having fun is just a very simple requirement. We don’t really care about how bullshits economics works behind the released version, okay?

If reality doesn’t match your expectations, of course, it’s not reality that’s wrong, it’s your economics principles that occur wrong! Hasn’t CCP always prided itself on having real economist consultants or advisors? Look at the prices and incomes in New Eden and ask your advisors! The players can no longer survive! The game is literally dying!

I can not figure out even though I broke my head, how could you fed players a mouthful of ■■■■, and then scratching your head: why? ah, why they are not online anymore?

Countless players are wailing, you said “no way! everyone is satisfied, isn’t it?”

The youtube live comment is full of questions and comments, but the host just pretends not to read it: our game’s future is great!

I’m not playing a meme, but rather serious, if you do not want to do the game anymore, shut the server before it’s too late!

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Eve has some issues. Eve has some strengths. Eve may even have PCU issues going into the fall, well see…however you can not compare Eve to itself season to season and expect to see the same numbers.

I will be returning to a much more active state when it is too cold to go outside. The cold harshness of space will keep my heart warm.


I agreed, hope New Eden will glow and shine forever.

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That is my hope too. I just have a hard time visualising it when integrity is being compromised globally.


'nuff said

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I just double-checked, and this one isn’t my alt. Which is a real shame, because I always wanted to say that the game is dying in a “serious” context.

IN BEFORE LOCK :sweat_smile:

Hey! I just started playing, don’t close the servers YET! Let me at least train into a Titan, THEN you can close the servers, ok, CCP?

Yeah, Why? This is my first time speaking in the forum, cause I don’t want to remain silent anymore.

WTS Skill Injectors. That goal can be achieved in a few minutes. The harder part is to get a titan and get into a group that allows you to undock with it. :joy:

Oh no, I’m already paying for omega and that’s all CCP will get out of me.

You’re going to have to explain that one, I’m not as smart as you are, sorry.

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