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Do you think the player count will ever recover to pre- @CCP_Rattati levels?

  • yes
  • no

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Ten times what we had at our peak. But most of the current players will have rage quit by then.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Should ask for a rename to “Does cry QQ”.

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Going by the latest “Addressing Community Safety” it shows they are doing everything the right way to help build the Community back up.

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There should have been a “Too late, don’t give a crap anymore” choice.


I think EVE may be done this time.

The price hike alone is going to ensure that new players aren’t going to be joining up, except on alphas. CCP will lose more money.

When inflation is under control will they reverse the price increase? Probably not right?

Dead game.


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There is none. We’ll see what happens after summer vaca.

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Wheres the “Dont care” option?

CCP need to stop making enemies of their players, it looks petulant. There is a better way, FFXIV devs pulled their product due to player feedback, rebuilt it with that feedback in mind and then launched it and changed their culture to be player-focused.

FFXIV has boomed and their devs are revered by players as a result.

There is a better way @CCP_Rattati @CCP_Swift @CCP_Rise @CCP_Burger


They pulled it because it was an unplayble mess before with a grind as long as… Oooh I see what you are saying here



All the charts for the game look like this:
Everything going down like:

Weeeeeeeee!!! That’s me on Alpha clone, lol.


The numbers are unlikely to go up again, beyond the occasional spike or blip, until/unless the devs present a clear roadmap based on a critical analysis or a design philosophy and implement the first improvements on that road.

Trying to improve FW is nice and all, but it’s simply not enough.

The crap CCP and Netease are trying to test on the poor players in China is definitely not the right direction.


The player count will increase, when more of the ‘Eve is doomed’ players have actually left and stopped making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Right. Everyone who wants to play EVE now but doesn’t is only waiting for doomsayers to quit EVE so they can get started… the more I read it the more it made sense.

P.S: Wait up… on the other hand the results of this CCP team’s work make sense. EVE is about risk vs reward vs loss. I guess CCP took risks, got rewards and now have loss.
Everything seems to be going as planned :smiley:


But that is literally the game: Everyone vs Everyone = EvE …which includes the devs too. :wink:




Oh wait, you’re serious?


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Could you just stop?

It’s getting weird.


Then stop talking nonsense.

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