New Eve Low

Less than 20k concurrent online players for the first time in the last ten years - CCP upper management -this is indicative of how out of touch you have been with the direction “grand visions” of the game - and where we are now under your direction - congratulations with selling eve up the river - hope the corporate greed was worth it - great job on the scam selling Pearl Abyss the scam you have, so much irony here, but alas. Am I wrong?


It’s summer and at least here in Europe it’s way warmer than normal. I’d say lots of people are doing other things than play PC games. Less drama, thanks.


Don’t try to explain this to the fanbois…

They will tell you that all is well and the economic report tells you the truth because it says something about 30k average…

Everytime I look it’s around 20 k so at us prime it has to be 40k right? :slight_smile:

Sweettalking the reality is what i call this…


Phoebe, I wasn’t aware ccp had a pr department anymore - don’t detract from the obvious

Pearl abyss scam? Pearl Abyss is the only reason ccp came out of their cozy neck in the wood lately and gave PVE at least more air to breathe…

The bittervets call it “more casual” but normal people see that is one small step in the right direction,other will have to follow.

And yes this means less PVP.




Or it is 4th of July week in the US.

Every summer “The Sky is Falling”


we are where we are because of the decisions made by ccp upper management - and pot kettle, black - can’t blame the ccp employees or the devs passionate about the game - the failing stems from the top down - and the upper ccp management will and are accountable and i guess time will tell whether i’m correct or not

Yep…another sweettalker you are…a self explaining proof…

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are you employed by ccp or pearl abyss - you clearly seem an eager fanboi

Too much pvp in every part of the game is what drives away people in a game that has to compete in todays market.
If this not the case then please explain why games that have pvp only in concealed areas have success while eve looses players…must be a coincidence certainly…

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Code Word For: WoW Clone


Duro - i don’t have to answer this - 6 years ago eve was fun as hell - 65k players online (ofc a lot of alts) but none the less, we are where we are now - the golden age is gone, done. Hilmar cashed out and everything that made this game special and the community is now evaporated - at this point - honestly if you are paid by ccp / pa to post please do


Having more players is bad because?

In B4 lock, grabs popcorn kicks back.


So Fortnite is not a full PvP game and only has it in concealed areas?

Please reference sources that say PvP games drives away people. Cause honestly, if you look at the most popular PC games in general, most of them are PvP games in some form.

Beside the popcorn…do you have an opinion?

Or do you just parrot what others say

What are you talking about?! This highly constructive and fruitful thread has a bright future! :wink:

Stop sweettalking the problems eve has and give a solution.

Or are you one of the people that say “eve shall rather die than change”?

You sound like a conspiracy hermit. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: