Thanks CCP for such unfair game

Now, give me a YardShip to build with and Ill never dock again

Edit: ok ok theres still refining but sure Refinery Barge pls?

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I do miss the old days of being able to off-grid boost in my Orca inside of my POS shield. Good times…

CCP didn’t do this. CCP merely created a sandbox. Players made the environment. It is players who figured out that if they form one big corp then there will be no or at least very little chance of losing. Which is natural as if you can lose and loss hurts then players will do anything that they can to avoid losing. And they often do it even in games where you don’t lose anything and where the loss is insignificant. Often just the fact that you didn’t win even if there is no benefit causes players to do this.

It is human nature. And you should have realized this from the very start that you won’t achieve anything in EVE yourself or with small group of friends. Eventually someone bigger comes and take away everything from you just because he can.

And if you weren’t up for this, you should have quit and play another game.



Stands for :

Everyone vs Everyone

While I regret your loss, doublecheck in the future what you sign up for, and don’t make promises you can’t defend.


Then why it sometimes feels like CCP vs Players?

I think they would gladly milk us why we fight with each other instead of fighting for better game. Thats what you can see commonly around the world right now. Its how it was always conducted. Antagonize and then you can rule them with ease. While united society is difficult to please, is a lot more powerfull and influential, to the point of endangering the status quo that profits only the ruling class.

Yea the changes to war decree and structures was another donkey punch to the balls that made me stop playing. It fuels the delusional shetbird subculture of losers who shoot structures in high sec as real pvpers or cool. They then added expensive loot cores and lowered the hps on structures to the point 5 battle ships can bash a structure in 30 mins or less. The reality is ccp are morons who allowed structures to be placed anywhere to fix their dumb choice. CCP are making structures easy loot filled targets for dimwitted pvpers in high sec who can brag they are elite pvp shetbirds with big kill mails…

Damn. And there I thought that I can be real PvPer when I stop ganking and join RIOT and bash structures. I was wrong. Also fake PvP.

Anyone knows what that elusive real PvP looks like?

Score so far:

              Anti-PvP/Crying         Neutral         Pro-PvP
Posters            2                     3              10
Posts              2                    13              21

So basically the usual numbers. A few people per month get something valuable wrecked and ■■■■■ about it in forum, dozens of “real EVE” players jump on them to tell them to HTFU and GTFO.

But of course somehow these “hordes of screaming carebears force CCP to compromise their vision” and it’s their fault the game has reached the depths it has.

Hey @Shipwreck_Jones, do you think maybe it’s time for another mega thread posted on the evils of these nerf-bringing, game-wrecking, perma-greens?

Because, you know…
The hordes.
And the screaming.
And the forcing of CCP and stuff.

To get back on-topic, I’d like to ask the OP:


Why should a single player be able to deploy a large asset in space and operate it?

It’s hard to figure out what your actual complaint is from your OP, but it seems you think stations should not show up on Overview and that having them there is “snitching”? How would people use station services if they had to Dscan and probe and bookmark them all?

I’m fuzzy on the mechanics of station transfer, but I would assume you either didn’t unanchor it immediately, or you told some people what you were doing, or your friend did. It seems unlikely that 3 corps wardecced you the moment it transferred (unless they had advance warning).

At any rate, you lost a station, you can afford it, live and learn. Calling for all stations to be hidden from overview seems a bit of a stretch.


@Kezrai_Charzai Offtopic:

pvp is 0.4 or lower but hay you can gank or structure bash in high and feel like the cool kid in the LD class. I am not anti pvp i am anti ccp dumb-asses. ccp move to smaller ships really imbalanced the game. I dont really have to prove my points this game numbers are in the toilet.

probably has being said already but let me give my opinion
1- there is a SAFE wallet , its called the plex wallet , if you want to take a time of the game , liquidate , plex wallet your goods wen you come back you probably will have more money them wen you left
2- EVE is hard , i took a time from the game and im getting my ass kicked , don’t know if im to old and slow , out of meta , rusted , or people simply are using better blinged ships
thought luck , im a 10+ years veteran with close to 1000 solo kills ,and yet people are smashing me , sooooo eve is hard to everyone , some times you win , some times you lose don’t be mad is just a space videogame


Which category did you put yours into?

Which one am I in?

Im curious

As the defender you have every advantage in a HiSec war. The fact that you couldn’t defend yourself even with all the advantages shows that you shouldn’t have had a structure. Structures aren’t for solo players.


The count was made before my post went up, so mine wasn’t counted, but would have been Neutral.

Yours were counted Neutral as well. Only looking at nature of the posts made in this thread.

Ok cool, ty.

Never underestimate the power of a small but incessantly vocal minority. That’s how things like ‘wokeness’ spread like cancer.


Yeah, you have good point there. Expectations can be quite different, especially in the MMO market these days… I personally heard abou Eve long time ago, the look of the game intrigued me - but it had a bad reputation, which was off puttting.
In the end I got in it through the mobile veresion (Eve Echoes), which was a good thing, since that is way easier. I then moved to Eve online, and do not regret it at all - it took some time to getting used being blown up by other players though :slight_smile:
Nowdays I am fine with that (It is just risk management) - although since I am PvE focused, it can get boring after some time…

Ah, true, but only to an extent. CCP created the sandbox, which means they also framed it out with borders, meaning: rules and mechanics. CCP impleneted the current WarDec mechanics tied to citadels and it destroyed the HiSec war meta, resulting in the stale monoculture we have now, where only a few (cross-pollinated) groups run the show. I outlined the problems in my blog:

Humans are (mostly) rational agents which respond to incentives and adapt to their environment to an optimal degree via distributed cognition. HiSec wars in their current iteration have been “solved”, ie, players have reached the optimal adaptive strategy for engaging in that content. And that optimal strategy (for the aggressors ie people engaging in that content) is to have multiple citadels for WarHQ and to congregate in large gaggles.

Whenever CCP has some hairbrained idea for a game change they should think to themselves: “what is the optimal solution to the problem we’re presenting players?” If the optimal solution is “form a big blob and spam something” or “circumvent game mechanics via a loophole”, then CCP should probably pull the plug on the changes.

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This should be mandatory for every new player to see before reading.