Thanks CCP for such unfair game

Hi there,

One of my eve friends has health issues and took a break a few months ago. He contracted his items to be (as you know you may not guess how the CCP will trick players and may cause their items lost like Citadel change or Niarja and other systems cut-offs) on the safe site and give me the rights to fuel
his station.

He logged a week ago and mentioned his status is still not clear and may not come back. I told him to hang in there and asked him to give his station’s control fully to me because keeping it in space costing fuel and i could pull it from space and store it safely until he come back.

So, i setup a corp and transferred his athanor to me. Then guess what, my new corp war decked by 3 big corps without giving me a chance to pull that station from space.

Now, i am asking those questions to CCP?
-why do you hate so much from casuals?
-This char has no visibility in game, station is not on main routes and no one has access to it. It is not even visible to anyone in system. Why do you snitch me to big corp and let them be only one who are controlling the game?
-How do you expect casuals to try new things or try other stuff in game while they can’t do it?
-Is this fair to newly established corp to war decked 3 big corps? how do you think that they can protect their selves? 1 new vs 3 big is fair for you?
-Isn’t such actions will end up that eve will have bunch of big players who doesn’t allow people to grow and rule the game? Isn’t that why the people quitting right now?
Can’t you see how many people quit the game after getting ganked and bashed by big corps?

Station will be destroyed in a couple of hours. I will cover my friend’s loss. But this is a big bull****. I should be able to deploy station and operate it. Finding it Dscan and using probes are ok.
But snitching somehow (it could be related with game design but you are the ones who are designing it) is :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t know what to say.

well done CCP.

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Theres a lot of questions your post raises, friend.

I suppose Ill go with…

Structute ownership for a solo player is a big investment. Did you study the risks of such an endeavour before agreeing to look after your friend’s structure?

If I agree to look after something, I generally look into what risks Im opening myself up for before taking on responsibility.


Your friend should not have put a station in space if he didn’t have an army to protect it, and I mean a huge army, not 10 guys.
You should not have accepted responsibility for his station or should have gotten it the hell off system faster than you could think about it.

EVE is ruled by big corporations, that’s a simple fact.
Whoever thinks he can maintain a station and defend it solo is dreaming. Stations are for corporations. That’s just the way it is. You can accept it or lose a bunch of stuff and come crying on the forum - which isn’t going to avail you much.


Security through obscurity is not security. People were probably watching that station anyway and knew where it was, and when it was transferred to your 1-man corp they noticed and knew no one would come to defend it. Despite what your overview settings might show, big hulking citadels don’t exactly “hide” in space. No probes needed.


EVE is an inherently unfair game. Check out PVP for example.

EVE is a game where there are little to no regulations. Biggest group wins. CCP has made that crystal clear with station cores. I was a solo Azbel owner back in the day. I knew the risks. Thankfully I sold before I took a break.

My alliance has given me an entire penthouse floor on our fortizar now. I enjoy the views and laugh at everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: (This is role play) Frankly solo ownership is a lot of work for a one-character account.

It’s called joining established corps. Having the MAJOR investment/COMMITMENT to build a corp from 0.

What’s there to operate? Stations don’t make ISK. You can’t break even on station services alone. What are you going to do if a person like me just randomly mined your moon? Hire Gankers? Mercs? Bumping? Again, the point is stations are a MAJOR commitment. There is no shame living in a SHARED station. I hope this changed your perspective on station ownership. CCP killed that when cores were added. Groups should own stations not random 1-man operations. Period.


You have a sand castle in a sandbox while not having the manpower, knowledge and friends to sustain or defend it. Why are you blaming CCP for your choice to play a pvp sandbox?




CCP and the other Corps do give a ■■■■ on you. Those 3 big corps, lemme guess TSRS, Blackflag and Riot, are players with alts and play usually with alts in bigger corps. They simply farm your little Athanor to get some isk’s to make em plex for their accounts. CCP doesnt support diversity. In one hand those player that kill your corp for a few plex, whimp on the other hand about the lack of new player. You are nothing more than fresh meat that can be ripped appart and looted. This is the whole game mechanic. Eve online is made that way, that you just simply stay a loooong time in game. Lets say 10 years, because then you have the skills to be good. EVE is not like modern games were it is a question of your personal rl reflextions. Furthermore is eve designed to have many accounts. 5-10 accounts means for ccp atleast 75 $ per month. Eve online is capitalism in its purity. For the older payers are you a whimp. Of course they never had that trouble like you. Bored Alliances, bored Gankers, bored whatever. You cant expect from CCP that they will do something for you. Because i am sure that you are not one with 20 accounts. Money counts wink wink

My friend once lost a structure that I had joint ownership in while I was on break. It sounds like he got betrayed by “friends,” who intentionally pulled him away while it was unanchoring so that they could scoop it. I told that that I wasn’t mad at him, and that I didn’t care about the structure. Because I didn’t. It’s imaginary. It does not matter. My main concern at the time was that I didn’t want him to beat himself up over it.

That structure doesn’t matter. NDE’s have a tendency to change people’s perspectives on things, and I’m willing to bet that you friend won’t give a flying ship about that structure. So, don’t sweat it. And, hopefully, he gets better, whether he starts playing again or not.

Game play lessons to be learned:

  • The game didn’t snitch on you
  • Don’t fly/anchor what you can’t afford to lose
  • Practice risk management
  • If you don’t want to a challenging UPvP game with a harsh death mechanic, you should go play something else, and not chastize the devs for making a challenging UPvP game with a harsh death mechanic.

@Destiny_Corrupted you got any opinions on the veracity of this guy’s sob story?


Well said. People come to Eve and think in Eve would be something like respect or honor. This game should be rated 18+ or in some countrys 21+ cause of its pure brutality. If alot new player really understand, how this game works, I guess they would never start eve-online.

Don’t anchor what you can’t defend. It’s that simple. Contrary to what you may believe, CCP has only made EVE easier over the years. In years past, player corps could war dec you for any reason or no reason at all. Now your corp must own a structure in order for another player corp to war dec you.


Why not escalate it to: Big Alliances with huge armies should own stations not random groups. Period.

Big alliances with huge armies tend to be carebears in SOV null that teach their members not to undock when a non-blue player is in local.

Where’s the difference of undocking an orca and anchoring an Athenor?

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Its atleast what CCP thinks. Of course its a good way to make new player spend alot of money for skills and stuff to build up their dreams and asylums. How else to explain? Permaband made a song about that: “♪ Bring on your wrecking machine, burning your dreams of heaven on fire♫” If all heavens are burned down and never rebuild, then will eve die. I am sure it works for years like that. You never had a good option for good space games. But those times are over.

New Space-games arise

Sure, the old pensioners will keep eve alive. But its just a question of time.

That’s twisting what I said. Groups. Aka people who are organized enough to either defend their own station with ISK (mercs) or ships. Groups not solo owners should own stations Period. Since we want to be technical here. It doesn’t have to be a huge army of players. All you need is 10-15 guys to put up something solid + mercs/content invitations. And this is set in HS as I live in HS.

LS/NS/WH it gets very different and yah it is done with armies on a large scale. Still all groups not solo owners.

It’s probably real? I don’t know.

The point is, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s real. What matters is that all of the people who instantly dogpile on the thread to talk about how “EVE is a harsh game this” and “you should always be prepared to defend yourself” that, along with a bunch of advice for what the OP should do and how the OP should play, are just straight-up wrong.

Here’s what you people need to understand: players like the OP aren’t here for your idealized “EVE experience.” They’re here to play their PvE spaceship computer game, that they either found through some banner ad online, or their friend dragged them into it so that they could mine Veldspar or run missions together.

All of this stuff about not flying what you can’t afford to lose, tanking your hauler to protect yourself against player ganks, that deals that seem too good to be true probably are, that you shouldn’t own stations unless you’re able to defend them, not going into low/null-sec or a wormhole because those are “open PvP zones where you might get killed,” hiring mercenaries to help protect your assets, etc. etc. etc. etc., none of these things were ever part of the consideration.

Let me repeat: they’re here because they found a cool spaceship sim, and they just want to relax a few hours after a hard day at work by playing their PvE game.

Nothing you say or do will change this simple fact.

And these players? They aren’t wrong. Because this isn’t a player issue; it’s a CCP issue. CCP isn’t setting the right expectations for their game, neither in their marketing materials, nor in their new player reference materials. These players are just doing what they reasonably expected the product to enable them to do. They see a cool spaceship MMO, download it, and try to role-play industrial tycoons running a mining empire, or mighty spaceship commanders working for the Federal Navy to keep the space lanes clear from vile Serpentis pirate scum. And we, the griefer assholes, are using exploits that CCP is too lazy to patch out for 20 years (i.e. by not adding a PvP toggle) to ruin their enjoyable cooperative PvE experience that they paid for.

That is the perception. Until the company does something to fix this contemporary underlying perception of the game, we’ll continue seeing threads like this, and no amount of well-meaning advice you throw at these people will change anything.


The entire system isnt alerted to the Orca undock

Orcas can cloak

Orcas can move

Several hundred million isk

Not having to wait hours for the process to finish

Being able to move a bunch of Orcas into a WH just before DT


If new players would do their due diligence and research into EVE gameplay, they would know what they were in for. CCP has several promo videos on YouTube that show typical EVE gameplay, such as the following video where a player started out as a miner and was getting tired of being blown up, so they switched to a PVP support role.

EVE Online | Soldiers of Fortune, Gods of the Battlefield - YouTube

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That is not their prerogative.

Actually, let me rephrase that:

Most people aren’t going to do hours of research on a game they’re considering playing. Most of such decisions are based on watching a single trailer and reading a few lines from the store page, and maybe a user review or two on Steam. Game developers will either understand this and properly market their games according to the way people generally consume marketing materials, or they’ll have issues by setting improper expectations for their customers.

The companies have to adapt to the market, not the consumers.

Also, there’s the distinct possibility that CCP is intentionally choosing to market their game like this, as they’re perfectly happy with having a high turnover of aggrieved new players, and don’t care about long-term player retention because their business model isn’t reliant on it for revenue.


So CCP just needs to slap a statement on their promo videos that basically says “This is EVE. You’re probably going to die multiple times and quit. And we’re OK with that.”