How to shut Eve down

If, as seems to be the case, you wish to shut Eve down why not do it in style?

If you told everyone honestly that the game was shutting down in 3 months say - you would probably get a burst of activity as people rushed to use all their hoarded ships and so on and blow each other up in an orgy of violence. This would let people go out with fun. If you drag the pain on for ages you will just run up bigger bills with a mostly empty server and annoy the snot out of everyone. Honesty is best.

Further, in my opinion, the biggest thing keeping the game semi afloat is the communities within it. If you had a fixed close date those communities could move on intact to other games rather than going through the same painful drip, drip that the game will go through.

Just a thought.


I’m new and the game has only just begun for me. Id be pretty upset lol



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They want the game to be over so they can declare victory. If we can keep it going, eventually, they’ll have to quit and then even a new player like you can declare victory over THEM. It kind of reminds me of what’s happening to America and Western Civilization. I just hope they aren’t desperate enough to try to force it . . .

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GPO on the wall.

Reach for that power cable and yank it from the wall like when you sit idly at the desk at work watching the office cleaner move from office to office.

/edit; oh here is me thinking it was to shut down the game on the pc in front of them. Not the full game.
I feel dumb but not as dump as the OP’'s thread about shutting down the game for ever? Crazy dumb idea.

Amazing, how the nullbear tears almost rival the carebear tears on this forums lately.


Just ask to last player logged in to turn off the lights and take out the trash before they leave.

Especially that old pizza box on CCP Falcon’s desk.

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I will just ask if I can get a refund on my yearly subs for my accounts.


U can’t always be first in everything.

This is apt considering there are some of us just waiting for the boring people to leave so we can have some fun.

‘turn the lights of when you leave’
‘yeah sure we’ll be right behind you…not’

nullbear is a carebear that levelled up to level two


Nullbears always acted like they were above high sec. But now they have shown they are merely carebears in different flavor when the safety blanket was removed.

It is funny to see how they swarm high sec activities now.

Not so elite after all.

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we had it better because we made it better as players,
…and was true right up until CCP decided to bend over for the griefer of games dick.

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Players play tho

Players only love you when they’re playing


If you wanna play the Gameboy, you gotta learn to play it right.

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i think thay may addept eve to yellow standards and it will be huge win - not for us of course, but we are dried already - time to dry another nations :upside_down_face:, we will see what happend but pear abbys is extreme good in makeing money on games.

but if it is the topic - they could say - your time has ended stupid europe people ho ho ho.
now we go for real money hi hi hi :wink:

So CCP when your 200 million dollar slush fund that you got runs out. And updating wormhole graphics jobs run out.
When BDO realizes the SP grabs made short term numbers look good but logins died after you killed it?
When the additional 250 million your supposed to get is performance based but your no young buck anymore in gaming terms your a geriatric.
All I got to ask is. When you close down…