2024! We NEED "EVE Portal"

2024 people… not 2004. 20 years later we do need an app to:

a) Set, change, update skills / skill queue and even buy / inject skills
b) Search, set, change, update buy / sell orders and even buy items from market
c) Browse Eden store and buy stuff
d) Search, set, change, accept contracts
e) Read, write emails
f) Access general info like Wallet

Even if you (CCP) cannot hire a dedicated programmer to do it, give any needed access to 3rd party devs to do it for free. They already proved, that there are so many skilled 3rd party devs out there for EVE.

This app will permit us be active on occasions that we can’t access the game eg. vacation, work etc.

And I repeat… it’s 2024 people!


I personally also could use an out of game option to see, set up and modify killrights without having to sign in just for that. :thinking:

I can see why such an idea might be unattractive to CCP. Given the comprehensive dimensions of the OP’s suggestions, there are players who would have little or no incentive to log in to the game at all (except for daily rewards…) - or, at least, they might do so only rarely. What would that do for the numbers appearing at the top right of our screens?

The company would have to provide the app, devoting design and developer time and resources and, of course, ongoing maintenance. I doubt there’s the appetite for it. As to giving access to a 3rd party developer, it might not be straightforward. Choosing someone or a group with a proven track record and a commitment to long-term support of the venture, might be difficult. I don’t say it couldn’t be done, but it does seem challenging.

I accept that some kind of out-of-game overview would be useful, but in my opinion it should be ‘read-only’. If you’re on holiday, enjoy your rest and relaxation; if you’re at work, do what you’re being paid to do or find some other diversion during your breaks.

So, that’s a conditional ‘no’ from me!

Didn’t CCP just kill the EVE app?

Read only… is ok but not “useful”. It’s like reading yesterday’s news. You already know them.

How one is enjoying his/her holidays and breaks, it’s different for all of us and is / should be accepted / respected as a personal interest. If you enjoy diving, go dive, if I enjoy trying different ship fittings for my game, or looking to buy something I need for it, I should be able to without being obliged to login to do it.

Agreed in most part, but if it’s done right from the beginning, the maintenance part would be very little effort, because it would only change when new items/ships/structures are added to game. Otherwise I do not see a reason why it would be hard to maintain an app like this. I may be mistaken though. I am not a dev.

That’s the only reason EVE portal failed, and maybe, bad initial programming. Always In my opinion ofc.

EVE is around for 20 years, and I don’t believe that they plan on killing it anytime soon. So it needs evolving, apart from in game changes. An interactive app would be a positive Plus for the game. I believe so, since 98% of the “civilized” world is using smart phones, tablets etc. 24/7 just like a hard core gamer, if you get my point :slight_smile:.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to some of the points I made.

I realised that my suggestion regarding holidays might be controversial, but decided to leave it in. I should have couched it in terms which made it clear that it is ultimately a matter for the individual to decide what they do on holiday. So, I do apologise for that.

I used EVE Portal in the past, and did find it moderately useful - just to keep a check on things. I had a lot of characters at the time and couldn’t possibly have remembered where exactly each of them was in any particular feature of the game.

It’s worth looking around, Xyux, to see what other MMO games do. I can’t think of any that I play/have played which have an out-of-game app provided by the developers. This doesn’t mean that it can’t or shouldn’t be done; I’m just curious why the big games seem to leave it alone. If you know of any that do provide such an app, reply in this thread and I’ll certainly check it out.

Actually, writing that made me think of MODs. Why doesn’t EVE allow MODs? A lot of online games have very active and even ‘supported’ MOD communities, but not EVE. They don’t have to affect gameplay, just perhaps cosmetics.

Thanks again.

I should be flying now, but what the heck :slight_smile:

I cannot argue on that. It’s true. But…

  1. CCP made the first step to at least try to offer more than any other game, so automatically, they made their clients to ask for more :slight_smile: It’s how we r!
  2. No other game at least from what I played, the training, buying, losing etc is as close as to real life regarding cost and time so, keeping that in mind, is more helpful / needed in EVE to be able to grab a contract deal for a 40b Nyx (if it ever happens :slight_smile: I am looking for one lmao) than looking to buy a legendary weapon in GW2 (which I also played for several years).

That’s another aspect, which I couldn’t agree more, because it will also be a plus for the game.

The thing I “blame” them (CCP) the most, it’s the fact I mention above, they already gave us a taste of what EVE Portal could be, so creating that unique app, for a unique (reasons I wrote above) game like EVE, I now / personally consider it a must.

One of the reasons. I stayed away from EVE (after having 10 acc etc, just recently I returned) was the fact that at that point they needed as to almost daily checking the skill queue due to its limitations, factors that now are gone / fixed / evolved.

So making it simple for me to browse and interact with skills, market, contracts, ship fittings without the need to sit in my office to do it, it’s a Huge advantage for me and the game.

I truly believe that many if not most players (with the app), will be logging in game to do more activities (fight, missions, explorations etc) than just spent 1h to decide what to buy and how to fit a ship or looking to buy a “cheaper” carrier or whatever.

You should have to log on like everyone else to impact the game in any way. Not all of us are able to be on our phones all day at work playing the EvE market, so your suggestion is unfair at its very core.

Then we should all be restricted to the same play time each day. Otherwise it would be unfair if you can play for 8h per day while I can be on my pc for only 2h.