Sad to say, for me it's time to go

I’ve been playing EVE on and off for about 12 years now. I always loved the idea of having a true sandbox where players could do what they wanted and shape the universe. EVE does this in spades (usually) and it has great potential.

However, after many years of trying to learn the intricacies of the game, I can’t help but feel like the game will always and forever be locked behind the massive wall of “knowledge” that is required to actually enjoy it. And sadly, CCP has yet to implement a way to actually make this game accessible and fun.

For starters, there is WAY too much research that goes into fighting. Last night, I fit a Gila with a decent fit for Sansha ratting and headed off to high sec for some relaxed fun. Did fine for hours. Then, after heading to what I believed to be a DED 3 or 4 site (how would you even know without googling it?!), I was instantly webbed and destroyed by several named mobs in cruisers. Why was I killed so fast? Why was my ship with an extremely good shield tank so easily destroyed? Let’s examine this, shall we?

(To clarify I have 84m SPs and most are at level V for the ships I fly.)

So, first off, WHY am I having to ask these questions? If you want to make players lose ships, at the very least, make it CLEAR to them why the one they flew didn’t work. Mobs have zero indication that they have weaknesses to things. They have no clear indication that they will web you, scram you , or whatever else. You’re just supposed to know. But how DO you know?

The game won’t tell you. You have to search forums for other players to tell you. The thing is, not all of us have the time (or desire) to repeatedly lose ships worth millions (or billions) to learn. One or two? Fine. But either way you’re locked behind the paywall of “I need this multi-billion isk ship to do these other missions and I’ll probably lose it anyway learning what to do”.

After losing my gila (which I could afford to lose), I was angry. Not at the fact that I lost my ship per se. I was angry at the fact that I spent an hour to get there, seemed to do fine, and was all of a sudden destroyed by the same faction to which I had built resistances so easily. It made no sense and after it was all said and done, I was left wondering what happened.

Mind you, I had just come back after quitting last time after losing a hauler in high sec to a suicide ganker and that cost me about 500m isk. Again, I had NO IDEA why I was able to be attacked in high sec. Right next to a jump gate with Concord all over it. Does the game even bother to explain ANY of this to you? Never.

The bottom line is, even with 84m SPs, the game still drives me crazy. It has so much potential, but after nearly 20 years, I think it’s safe to say that it may never reach it. It’s simply not fun to play. It relies on the fact that it MAY be fun, but you need to join a corp to get the most out of it.


Oh wait, how do you join a corp? Ok, let me go find a forum post to tell me (sigh). Ok, I fumbled through the multiple pages of dead corps to find one that may be active and joined one. Great! How do I get to the main corp HQ?

“Oh, well, you need to fly out of high sec, leave all your ships behind (or risk us stealing them), and then proceed to be ganked in high sec on your way here by anyone with a war dec. But you have to join NOW or our members will kill you too on your way here.” Awesome.

Now let’s look at literally any other MMO (which, by definition, is multiplayer and encourages guilds). Do they make it this difficult to find a social guild? No. It’d be silly to do so. For whatever reason, EVE is still flailing, trying to convince us why we should jump through a million flaming hoops to “enjoy the game”.

In the end, I’m saddened. I WANT to play this game. I WANT to enjoy it. It seems so vast and free. But I simply can’t keep playing a game that frustrates me this much. It is, after all, a game. CCP, do us all a favor and just make an EVE 2 with al the things you’ve learned from this social experiement. Make space combat MUCH better (we like to see our ships, not a tactical overlay for example). Make it easier for people to understand what the heck the need to do to be successful. And lastly, for the love of god, stop relying on your player base to educate new players. That’s YOUR job. If it’s so complicated that it needs a thesis to explain, maybe your design needs work.

I’m a veteran hardcore MMO player. I’ve been playing MMOs since UO (which I beta tested in the early 90s). I’d like to think that I have what it takes to play any game effectively to some degree. But when it becomes this much of a chore to simply PVE or PVP, why even bother?

Sorry folks, but this is my last chance with EVE. As much as I want to keep trying to play it and figure it out, there is simply too much convoluted info out there and unclear direction for even veteran players.

o7 everyone. Sad to go, but it’s time to try something that’s a bit more accessible and fun.


On a serious note: I’ll buy your character (via legitimate CCP approved methods) and/or you can just contract your stuff to me. I’ll use it to help newbies learn the game and have fun doin gso.


Well if you decide you wanna come back home, ccp will leave the lights on and keep the cobb webs off your ships just as you left them.

there will be changes but Eve will be the same at its core forever.

the most hardcorest of o7’z

Actually, his ships will be absolutely filthy when he comes back, and he’ll have to select “clean ship” on every single one.


I appreciate the offer. That being said, where were players like you when I needed them, though? I keep seeing these kind folks pop up and offer to help, but again, why aren’t we all joined up and having fun together? All I ever wanted was to join a group of folks who could help explain things, but nearly every application I sent in to corps was ignored.

I was told to find a smaller corp so I wouldn’t be a number, but again, how would you know which one to join besides randomly picking one out of the list of available corps in a base?

These are the things that frustrate me to no end.

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everyone gets frustrated, and probably everyone has quit eve or taken breaks before.
different groups have events to attend, mining fleeys, or roaming, gate camping, dont forget the hotdogs while camping btw ,
check out spectre fleet or any NPSI fleets,
for corps i recomend getting on discord with eve uni, brave newbies, or ph/goons/test they have feeder farm corps that are newbro friendly, and teach you stuff…
for fighting pvp the faction warfare complexes are really good little dojos.
i float Around, and im a lone wolf/ camera guy, also i spell badly, that where i been. lol

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I’ve been around. I’ve personally trained dozens of pilots on an individual level and constantly find myself in a teaching role in the game. But I can’t be everywhere at once, as I’m just one feline in a vast universe and my time (and funds) are limited.

There was a project a while back, called “The Angel Project”, from Sindel Pellion. They helped newbies a lot.

“Hogs Collective” is another group that, from what I can tell, is newbie friendly and has a great community. Maybe try to check them out.

But yes, EVE is a complex game. A lot of that complexity is meaningless and superfluous and CCP has stated they want to “fix the stupid” and remove a lot of unnecessary complications, especially for younger players.


i will get at you later to help with you helping newbies, evemail later on. o7

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Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll sleep on it and decide to come back. It’s great seeing people come out and offer to help. I KNOW I have yet to experience the greatness that is EVE. That’s all I ever wanted. Deep space is calling to me and I feel like I’d really enjoy it if I could ever break through the initial wall.


I’m fed up with the game as well…and only a little over a year into it… You are right about the game dynamic forcing you to join a pyramid-scheme corp… I’ve been playing solo because it’s the ultimate challenge to succeed on your own… CCP only cares about their bottom line, and with the game slowly dying on the vine, they are now confiscating the skin markets away from players out of greed… I’m POed and moving on as well… CCP is playing dirty and stole the majority of my investments…

UO old guard, do you remember the clock tower crash?

I wasnt there but it’s one of those eve type stories from a time before eve.

I’ve left the game several times since 2010, I’ve left other games to return later as well.

My take on everything you said is this. MMOS are in a bad position right now. Noone seems to know how to cater to the majority of gamers.

Those of us in our 30s 40s and 50s+ are the outliers in gaming. A strong base but a hard to please bunch, often with much more experience than the majority population.

Example is a game like fallen earth, where noone besides a handful of clans were able to make the kind of mark and accrue the kind of wealth our older clan did.

The games most unique features were gutted because new players could not learn such a complicated system and keep up with the veterans, it was like starting a race 5-20 minutes late. There’s just no possible way to get ahead, you can even be rich in game and still not be able to get to the top of the heap. That lasted until the day the servers went down.

As far as mmos go, I like eve because of the cerebral aspects. And it’s one giant instance.

None of this is meant to persuade you to stay. You definitely should take a break if you feel this way.

Timing is everything, lot of people pissed about the Vegas thing, but having been away for a year and some change that Vegas update was the best news I’d heard in years. New faces, some of the rust may be shaking off from what I considered a desperate attempt to make eve relevant again. And adjusting course REALISTICALLY not some "walking in stations " nonsense.

Anyways, don’t ever let a game get you down. Eve will likely survive by default so if you ever want to come back you should be able to.

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This would be a problem, if it were true…

I know right! Making friends is so hard…

Seems a lot more off than on…

Indeed. One does wonder.

Well…that does explain a general approach to the game…

Oh yes, but of course you are.

Stay gone this time, please. Your attitude is terrible. After 12 years you should be the one helping new players, showing them EvE is not nearly as bad as you think.

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When did this forum become a place for whiny dickwads that think anybody gives a ■■■■ about whether they play or not to announce they are leaving?

Though I’m pretty sure the OP is a parody.


Big ups to the last three commenters for being the vile kind of person that ruined this game. Do you honestly think that sitting behind a computer screen, quoting my statements and then replying with some snarky, pseudo-intellectual drivel makes you superior?

Seriously. HTFU (as you all surely love to say). Y’all are seriously taking the time to quote me and reply?! Sorry if my truthful statements made your neck sore, pumpkin :wink:


…Says the guy who spent 12 years at a game he couldn’t figure out…ok…

and yeah…because quoting takes sooo much time…


What do you mean by “pyramid-scheme corp”?

What do you mean by this???


Now I’ll ask you a question!

Do you honestly think that anyone at all cares when a whiney carebear who spent 12 years playing but still could not figure out the game, quits and writes a long diatribe about how he’s still banging his head against the wall over several level-1 questions?

There really is no sympathy here for you. We all figured out the things you are struggling with long ago, and it wasn’t that hard.

You must just not be very good.

No, it is not surprising to me that you excel at other games but suck at this one.


Eve isn’t the type of game to hand you things on a silver platter.

I actually don’t like it when i know exactly which npc’s do what damage types and do what types of e-war. It takes away the fun, promotes farming and stifles variety. I have been in favour of less information and less predictable pve for years, and there’s a great many players that agree.

Other than that, you’re a bingo card for carebear stereotypes. Want the rewards without the work. Blame the game for your own shortcomings. Doesn’t understand basic game mechanics. Misrepresenting facts.

It’s like ive always said, players that quit because they are ganked aren’t going to stick around anyways.

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Can I have your SP? I’ll give you the extractors 1 by 1…