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Is there a direct link in the New Forums to a character’s Eve Central Bio?

I’m wanting to send an email, “Out of Game” to someone that posted a question.


THIS is really lame…



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Just to be clear on these, they’re not run by CCP. They’re just using CCP’s api


wow perhaps we can get the csm on the job to invoke a summit meeting with ccp on how to add a simple email function to these nice new forums…

after all… this time spent creating these new forums, ccp has yet to add a simple freaking email function… its absolutely amazing how they would suggest to go to a third party for email functions instead of their own…


They’re not ignoring evemail. It’s all about the load of work they have for their web development team. It’s far larger than you might think. (and having third party ones reduces the urgency somewhat)

What are they doing?


They fired 100 devs could keep 10 of those to support that shite.

Just saying

Service unavailable? :pensive:


You do know that different devs have different skill sets, right?

And just because someone is called a dev, doesn’t mean that they actually do any code stuff?

You are just being hyperbolic with your statements, rather than moronic, right?

I think the web team was preparing new launcher. There is dev blog about that, of course I dont see that in news in launcher. Its on the dev blog. It does have some synergy with programming and browser.


Out of 100 peeps, please don’t try to protect CCP in such a way, since they made more moronic things vs. My lonely comment.

Another thing is the tool (eve portal) they’ve replaced ин all the gone past features is sux and it’s obvious.

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I’m pretty sure CCP asks us what we want and then do just the opposite. I liked the old forums and the Eve Portal just fine.


I wonder why they are completely gone, there is service unavailable error there.


I was wondering the same thing…

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I think what you’re failing to see is that the Old Forums :white_check_mark: and Eve Portal :white_check_mark: were working perfectly before.

“If it ain’t broke…”



Not even remotely perfectly there were numerous security issues that appeared over its lifespan and you can only maintain legacy code for so long, with the API developing at its current rate it was going to become a nightmare to get it to keep up so it was retired and replaced with a newer easier to manage system that takes advantage of newer features available after the old forum was created, bear in mind there was also a forum long before that last version replaced it which was also replaced because of similar issues, you’re not dealing with just a forum, it accesses the same database that the game runs from and thats not an easy thing to maintain, you can only hack code so far before it is actually easier to replace the entire thing than to try and fight through the spaghetti

Yes it may have appeared from the front end that everything was “working perfectly” but i have no doubts that the back end was likely a complete and utter mess being held together with the digital equivalent of duct tape and hope, the older software had to be retired eventually, EVE Gate’s email system was only created because there was no public way for people to create tools for this themselves but with the addition of an API that can actually interact with the game instead of just reading data from it, its now possible for these tools to be created, and there are tools that work fine, CCP gave players the power to create the tools they wanted so that instead of them having to add new features they allowed players to create whatever they wanted which means you could end up being able to directly email a character ingame from a normal email client with a server handling the middle part

Players will always make the best tools when given he power, this has 2 benefits, it lets CCP devs focus on the game and secondly it reduces the security footprint as they only have to handle making sure the API is secure instead of having to test and monitor multiple frontends

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Blah, blah, blah…

Email and HTML is not complicated.

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If there were issues, and they had to make transition, it could have been made a lot more pleasantly. But that would need work, and they are actually downsizing. So we are left with this… stuff.

Its rather sad. Some people are angry, and I dont blame them. Its CCP fault that they develope something and then dont have success with their games and have to skimp on everything EVE related in effect.