Should CCP Publish more player stats? Here's my idea

Hi guys,

So I’m thinking, since CCP make the following information about players visible for anyone to view online:

Player name
Corporation history
Ships Lost + Modules/Implants/Cargo etc
Ships Destroyed

Why not make it more interesting and make the following public:

Player Wallet Balance
Current Location - including station (Empire space only)
Last Time Player Online
Number of Ships Owned
Number of Ships Produced
Highest Ship Class (eg, frigate, battleship, titan etc)

I’m not sure why CCP has limited available info to the top 3. I think the game would be a lot more interesting if more were published.

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Why is this an idea that has merit? I dont want my information given out like that.


A lot of information that isn’t readily available in-game or on EVE’s website is, in fact, public information available through APIs used by third party developers. Having said that: Why do we need this? What is the problem you’re trying to solve? What is the goal you are trying to achieve? What are you trying to improve? How does this enhance things?


No, go away.


Another question would be what is the merit of the information currently available on zkillboard or Evewho?

What purpose does it solve?

I’m only expanding on an already existing and senseless exploitation of our personal information.

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That’s different: these are third party developers. They don’t need a good or bad reason or any reason at all whatsoever. They can do whatever the hell they want. We’re talking about the first party not a third party, so it’s totally different.


Having a Super-captial count would be more beneficial. How many titans / super-carriers exist and a count by region.
I think in general a wallet average by region or constellation would go a long way. Also item/ship production by region… not specific to any play/corp/alliance but just regional stats.

This would allow for more strategic gameplay and let the universe see the massive discrepancies.

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It’s not quite that different: anyone can type your name into those websites and retrieve info on said areas. At least in game kill reports are not searchable.

But they’re still public data via APIs provided by CCP. So whether it is provided to end users in the form of the game interface or website or via developers via the API, the point is that a lot of this information is already public from CCP. So the question is: what additional information should be made public (via API or via game/website) and why?

Off the top of my head there is only one thing I can think of that could use enhancement which CCP has said they would enhance, and that is killmails: they want to provide more information on killmails to include several other fields, namely identify those who supported the attackers. Among other things, this will allow strictly-support roles to finally earn some recognition for their kill contributions on the killboard.

A lot of the things you mentioned that aren’t already public I am against mostly on the basis of having no utility: they neither solve a problem nor enhance the experience. Also there are some pieces of information that players might object to on the basis of privacy: I might not want you to know when I last logged in (esp. if people you know IRL are checking this information), I might not want you to know what ship classes you have (which might not mean much: an indy player might own Titans but can’t even fly a battleship), Knowing current location defeats the purpose of using Locator agents (which I think are already reasonably-well implemented and need not be touched), etc.

More is not always better. Often times less is more. If you cannot justify the additions, I can assure you we can easily justify their omissions.

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Check with Locator Agents if you wanna know where players are located.

Other than that, you don’t need to know how much ISK or how many ships players have.


Actually, the last 2 (losses and kills) are privately available by default, not publicly available (except kills and losses in wars - they are all publicly available).

Players have to provide authorization to third-party applications for their kills and losses to be accessed.

No third-party site has access to all kills publicly.

In relation to:

  • Wallet balance: similar to killmails, this is already available privately and some players do authorize it to be public about their characters

  • Last time online: This would give away too much intel that could be exploited by hunters and enemies (eg. during wars, by watching the API, an aggressor could see when an enemy logged on) and also breaks some of the “EVE is real” aspect of the game. To our characters, they are always in the cluster, even though from a game perspective, they aren’t for practical reasons. As the players behind the characters, we aren’t important and publishing this information (as used to be available in game via the watchlist), it has nothing to do with the actual characters in the game and instead provides intel about us as individuals in our real lives. There are a few ways this could be used for purposes we don’t really need (eg. I know a couple of female players that were stalked heavily in game under the old watchlist system to the point where one of them felt the need to leave the game all together)

  • Number of ships owned: Like kills and wallet, assets are already available privately via the API and can be made public by authorization to third-parties. I don’t see any benefit to this being public by default:

  • Number of ships produced: This is also, already available with authorization from the player, for each character. It’s part of the stats that can be authorized. For example, while I’m a pvp player, I have manufactured a couple of ships on Scipio over the years (I have a separate industry character for that normally). So the info on how many ships I have manufactured on Scipio is available via the API already (and there is more info available for characters that focus on industry as a profession):


  • Highest ship class: Can be obtained from the assets of a character, which is available privately and publicly by authorization of the player.

I hear what you’re saying, but think of it this way then:

Imagine you are a brand new space cadet and you’ve joined a syndicate or whatever for your first mission. Every citizen who is registered as being in empire space will have their location or last known location available. Why would it be a secret? You would only need locator agents to find criminals etc or players in wormholes.

Eve as it is makes no sense. What’s the worth in zkills? They serve no purpose for me because I do not PvP. They are immensely irrelevant.

I want info that enhances the roleplay and sci fi game element.

Your name
Your last known location - wherever you were docked if it was in empire sec
Your ship
Your industry level etc
If personal wealth was public domain that would also be hilarious

Its just a lot more rounder and interesting than zkillboard and corporation history which are just used for abuse.

Locator agents cannot locate people in wormholes. They only report that the character cannot be found.

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Ingame killboard pretty god ide!

But everything else no thanks! :nauseated_face:

Do you think if people can see i have more than 1.1 trilion isk on my wallet i would be asked for isk everyday :joy: :joy: is just a joke but you se why you ide is bad :wink:

If you want to role play, you and everyone else can create your own profile or your own role play community, etc. Here’s one I’m particularly fond of:

No need to make massive mechanics changes that are unnecessary and objectionable because a few roleplayers want more to indulge in something that technically isn’t even part of the game.

Again, what third party developers do with this information is completely unrelated to and beyond the scope of this information other than to say that some players do care about these things (regardless of whether you care or understand why others care), especially the killboard. Still, these are third party shenanigans that may influence, but otherwise do not control first party decisions.

Eve online Dating? :laughing:


Oh hell no.



Because the OP is a troll.


Thank you. Now I can add you to the ignore list.

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