A Serious Lack of Information

This is about those “info tags” on all the equipment in this game.

It seems I always end up looking up a video or some Reddit post about the information, due to the lack of description on many items. Take webifier versus stasis grappler for example; a first year player reads the info blurb and they sound exactly the same. Then not one of these items mentions any counter measures to be grappled or webbed. By the way, no need to reply with the answer, since I looked that one up long ago.

CCP had the time – 20 years – to go through a put greater detail into these descriptions. It would seem, in my opinion, you need to set an army of unpaid interns to the task of putting some better information on your item database. In some cases, pointing to the appropriate counter measure for such items.

This may seem too mundane for 10 year veteran players, but it would mean a lot to your new players who are still learning and haven’t committed the parts library to memory.



EVE wasn’t merely developed 20 years ago and let to rot, it’s had 20+ years of development. As such, many new features and additions get added to the game piecemeal. If you take a look at patch notes, you can see these things get corrected overtime.

Grapplers are a relatively new item but they do have some relevant information in the description.

Heavy Stasis Grapplers require a very stable base platform, and therefore may only be fitted to Battleships and Capital Ships.

The actual item stats are in the the attribute panel. I get that it’s a bit complicated but it’s a complex game with a lot of information to parse.

That said, if you have ideas on how to actually go about displaying that information in a more effective manner, please feel free to share.

One final note: a player / youtuber named Ashterothi created a video on game items and goes over an exhaustive list of them. Many items have standardized names that give you details about the item. For example, items with “compact” in the name have lower fitting requirements. “Restrained” have lower drawbacks. “Enduring” has a lower cap draw.

There are more, but if you’d like to take a look at that video, you can check it out here. Fair warning: it is a long video… but if you have time, it’s worth watching. Even if you don’t have that much time, the video is divided up into sections, so you should be able to find the relevant information if you have a specific interest.


The solution is for the descriptions to be very accurate and tell the user the function, without the need of seeking 3rd parties online to consultants. I can recommend tons of videos as well and all games have external source material. However Eve Online has poor descriptions and none of them discuss what should or could be used as a defense to devices.

To make this abundantly clear, let’s say I have a rock tied to a stick the simplistic description would be;

Primitive War Hammer
This is a large stone bound to a stick with a strip of leather. It will crush your enemies skull. The most common defense is [Wooden Shield] which will deflect some of the blows. It can be thrown at the enemy, but is very inaccurate at distances greater than 10 meters. If the target uses [Run Away] or [Flee], then most damage will be avoided.

I doubt we will see much development in the descriptions, but I thought I would toss it out there. It has been 20 years running and we don’t even know the name of the Amarrian Emperor or the Leader of the Federation. I doubt we will get much more than what we have at present.

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Hello forum😀
@John_Rochard I agree completely. The descriptions of the items leave a lot to be desired, if not outright a waste of click.
On several of them all there is to read about the item is lore. No other description of the item, such as "The [ship] was the answer to [fleet tactics] when [faction] realized that the [faction] built the [ship] ".

It would seem to me that items description and stats would be pretty important in a game where these items go BOOM and make other items go BOOM as well because of their stats.
What’s the point of working on game Immersion when a player has to look at his browser every ten minutes? The World Wide Web doesn’t qualify as a region of New Eden, sorry.

~Fifie asserts.


Are you talking about the original leaders? Or current? because we do know those names.

CCP isn’t great about immersing the players in the story of eve within the game, but there is a lore portal for the game. There are also many chronicles, short stories, and even scientific articles that explain how things work.

Imo, this page should have a way to be read within the game, as it tells about the on going narrative within the game universe, and is tied to events like the stellar transmutes and upcoming ship casters. For the article posting date, YC125 = 2023.

Click on description for lore, click on stats for function.

@Fifie_Brindacier you hit the nail on the head.

I remember reading a paragraph on an ECCM Script to better understand why I should use it, instead I get lore about an adolescent hacker group. The descriptor block could be formatted into;

Name: Fluffy Bunny Hole
Physical Description: A gravity gun capable of creating a singularity with the power to move ships smaller than 50,000 m3 one system away.
Limitations / Weakness: It can only be installed to ships equal to or larger than 55,000.00 m3 and thus only works on targets. Once fired the singularity cannot be stopped but the gun itself requires a massive amount of energy to be fired. Counter to the gun would be [ Energy Nosferatu] or anything that would reduce core power.
History: ( aka Lore ) Fluffly Bunny Hole was created by … blah blah blah.

Thank you!


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I want to thank all of you who won my bet for me. A friend of mine stopped by last weekend, he doesn’t play Eve Online and saw the database as he was waiting on me to get ready for the theater. “This is a load of nonsense and gobbledygook.” He asked me what it all meant. I told him, I was browsing the database and was having issues with builds, fits, and finding the right parts. He is into some other games and asked, if this one has any story to it. I told him it is sandbox and the lore is pretty thin. I explained about having to search YouTube for most of my information.

“Why don’t you ask the players about it?” he asked me.

I said, “I bet you the players would know the game lore before anything about these idiotic ship parts.”. Thanks, you have proven my point in that aspect. I don’t recall, if we had money on it or not, but I won’t hold him to it. So back to the real topic at hand; These descriptions lack any details.


I honestly don’t understand the criticism. You are clicking the attribute tab within the show info window aren’t you?

On a weapon, the tab the the right of it details fitting requirements.


I get that that information is pretty crunchy… but if you’re simply wondering what type of ammo to use with various weapons… click the “used with” tab.

Of course it gets much more complicated than that, because you have to deal with fitting resources and skill requirements…

Very few people know much about the game’s lore, because CCP is pretty bad about getting eyes on it. The fact that you called it thin is proof of this. EVE actually has a very deep lore, but you have to go digging for it.

In contrast, finding out information about the objects in the game is really not very difficult… and it’s made easier with the compare tool.

The main issue here, is CCP isn’t very good about teaching people about their game, so new players can get lost easily. I’ve been harping about the career agents for years, and they’re just now getting some minor tweaks to correct some false and misleading information.

My hope is they’ll completely revamp them at some point and teach people how to do things properly… like fit a ship, join a fleet, and yes… even make use of the info window.


@Rail_J_kar yes, I know where all the other tabs come into play. Thanks for asking.

Show me where it says; Weapon X is rendered dysfunctional with Object Y or Z attached to the targeted ship.


That doesn’t happen. The closest thing to what you’re referring to is the turret or missile disruptors, but they don’t actually render them dysfunctional.

Not only that, but such information doesn’t belong on the weapon anyway. You don’t see such descriptions on league of legends items. Or really any other mmo’s I’ve ever played.

This is what I was talking about with the career agents. CCP needs to familiarize new players with the item database and what they’re capable of.

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Hellooo forum😀

Hence the point of this thread.

If there is a Description tab in the Info window, well, people would expect to read a description of the item and not some change-the-subject text that says nothing about what the item is.

This is EVE you know? Just checking…

They can start by properly filling out items description so new players know what they’re dealing with without having to go to the WWW every ten minutes.

Fifie the gamer


Because you’re not looking at the DESCRIPTION tab. ALL your screen captures show everything but the description tab.
This thread is about not enough or not at all info in the description tab.
The attributes tab show what’s needed.
The description tab lacks description of the items in 60% of cases.
Most of the stuff in EVE look, read like or feel incomplete and rushed. PI is botched along with most PvE stuff. The Agents panels are rushed too. The info for the missions are cursory and the directives are nebulous and rushed too.
The only thing that doesn’t feel rushed in this EVE project is the PvP part… I wonder why… no, not really.

No. CCP has long had the stance that not everything should be handed to players on a silver platter. A lot of this game is meant to be discovered by players. This game is just too large and too information dependent, thats why there are 3rd party tools and massive amounts of info online for this stuff. Years past, you could hit the webz from inside of EvE.


Sounds like you’re looking for EZ mode, EvE doesn’t have that. All the needed information is in the tabs, its up to you to interpret it.

Imagine how large the descriptions would have to be if they showed every possible ways and outcomes of a module, ammo, or ship.

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The show info tab tells plenty about the item. And while the description does have some lore info, it will often tell information about what the item is as well. I will agree it’s a bit hit or miss on that aspect, but in general, I think you guys are blowing this wildly out of proportion.

The point is, what your requesting is not something that happens in gaming in general. You don’t read a description of an item, and then read all about it’s counters in that item description.

I do agree that CCP needs to do better in educating it’s players, but the suggestion above is a bit silly.

That’s because all the things you were asking for, were in the other tabs. You guys kept asking for stats… so I showed you where the stats were. It’s almost like you want all those tabs crammed into the description tab.

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Helloo forum :grinning:

“Wildly out of proportion” is kind of blowing the discussion out of proportion itself. I didn’t see a flood of threads anywhere and the comments in this one are mild.
You agree that it’s a bit hit or miss so we’re basically on the same page. I’m only describing the “hit or miss”, no one is flying off the handle here.

So much for immersion then. Let’s move along.

That’s fair. After all, I don’t hand CCP my Euros on a silver platter either.

Fifie the Alpha

Please quote the part where I ask for things to be easier. Thank you.

Proper game information in the game shouldn’t be open to interpretion. It should be concise, about the item in question, maybe it’s origins but definitely what it is, what it does, how, if there are exceptions: what kinds of exceptions…
We are supposed to be Capsuleers employed by the State, given license to explode property and waste lives with ships and weapons we know little about but for wild guess and trials and errors liable to cost time, property, isk and frustration.
Nice game y’all got there :grinning:

Hey, it’s their game, they created/took it over. The responsibility for its system of information that service the players doesn’t fall on the players. If it’s too complicated or too long to give proper descriptions to item it means the game is too bloated, redundant and flawed.
The responsibility to fix the game doesn’t fall on the players.

I’m talking about the Description. I don’t know what you’re on.


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