New player feedback

So I have been playing for a little bit more than a month now and I felt the need to give this feedback.
Its only about 2 things, or well 3.

  • Finding this forum section could be made easier. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The Ship Tree UI is a great thing for someone who dont know anything about ships and so on to use.
    When flying around and trying to get a grip about everything while chat, dscan and the overview throws shipnames left and right where you wont have the ability to rightclick and check info in time.

I feel it could have been very useful to be able to search for a shipname and have the option to show info from the results because learning ships and get a understanding of them all is already a huge task.
With time I learned to use marketboard for this but its not really the first you think of as a new player.

And not so much for new players maybe but want to throw it in here too.

  • Bookmarks. The permissions for each folder could be made more customizable so individual subfolders can give rights to separate delete, edit and delete rights.
    Or add 1 day duration at least on the temporary bookmarks could also help.
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FYI, there’s a search bar in the top left hand corner of the hud. If you don’t see it, hit the magnifying glass. Also, you should be able to right click and show info (or hit the ? button) directly from the search results window.

Anyway, welcome to Eve.


There are more than 350 different hulls in the game, and I suspect a few veterans may actually know what they all do! For the rest of us, Eve University has an excellent out of game reference:

Bear in mind that each hull can be configured using rigs and modules to create thousands of different ships and CCP will occasionally adjust the baseline capabilities if they consider a hull over or under powered relative to others in its class.


Wait, not sure if I understood you right now. Do you mean the one at the location info and so on? It seem to not give results on ships and just characters or locations. If you mean inside the ship tree, then I can not find it :c

This is the universal search bar. It searches everything, characters, locations, items, you name it. If it exists in game, this search tool can find it.

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Thanks alot for that one. Cant believe I missed that in the results.

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